Face To Face Retail: Creating A Pop-Up Store For Your Brand

Online shopping seems to be getting more popular every day. Most physical stores also inhabit an online space where their consumers can shop 24/7 from the comfort of their sofa, or on their commute. E-commerce is growing due to the convenience factor and the chance to grab something at a fraction of the cost. The appeal of reduced rent prices and fewer overheads also means that more startups and brands are taking their businesses online immediately, without ever having the need for a physical store. However, thousands of consumers are still visiting the high street each week, to feel and see the products in real life, along with the enjoyment factor of a day out shopping with loved ones.

Why A Pop-Up?

It’s difficult to provide the friendly, face-to-face style of customer service when your brand is only available online. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to put your company in a pop-up store setting every so often. A pop-up store will allow you to meet your consumers, gauge their real-life reactions to your items and prices, and give them a bit more of your personality, background, and brand identity.

You’ll have the chance to increase your consumer audience, and bring in fresh traffic to your website; it’s an effective physical marketing tactic. The following are some ideas for those who want to test the waters and create a successful pop-up setting for their brand and customers alike.


Clean And Clear

Any visitors to your pop-up will appreciate a clean environment that they can move around and navigate with ease. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure your space is spotless and you have clear and bold signage that’s easily spotted from across the store. You can utilise Clik-Clik ceiling magnets to put up temporary signs that will give your shop great visual merchandising options, and allow you to remove any signage to keep for future stores and events.

Make sure that you have adequate surface space, and your products and wares can be displayed so that people can engage and pick up or try on the items; over-cluttered environments will put people off, and they won't hang around for very long.

Special Offers

You’ll want to encourage as many of your audience as possible to pop and visit your temporary store, so it’s worth giving them some special offers and deals for the limited time your there. Bargains will also encourage new consumers to walk in and invest in your business, and if they like what they buy; they’ll be sure to return in an online setting.

The Friendly Approach

Nobody enjoys a pushy sales team; however, chatting to customers as they browse and purchase your goods will give them a positive feeling regarding your brand. Let them know why you’ve decided to hold a pop-up store and encourage them to visit your brand again in the future. You’ll be able to discuss your brand identity and give your patrons a sense of why you started your business, which will encourage your audience to invest even more.

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