How High Is Your Investment IQ?

By now, you will be fully aware that smart investments can unlock the door to increased personal wealth and potential riches. However, achieving success in this arena isn’t easy. Otherwise, the billionaires club would have billions of members.

So, do you boast the comprehension needed to achieve great profits in the highly competitive field of modern investments? Let’s find out.

Understanding Risk V Reward

All investments come with a degree of risk. Some come with greater risks than others, but can also offer even better rewards. Conversely, others with increased probability of success may only present a small return on investment. Appreciating your circumstances is vital when weighing up the risks and rewards. Essentially, the right answer is the one that works for you as an individual.

Until then, you’re playing a very dangerous game indeed. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go with gut instinct. Nonetheless, research and analysis will always put you in a far greater position of power.

Appreciating The Client’s Outlook

The concept of supply and demand isn’t overly difficult to understand. However, many investors fail to truly appreciate its value. In truth, working in an environment with high demand instantly boosts the opportunities for success. Real estate is a leading candidate, which makes it a good area to use as an example.

Finding the right investment area is one thing, but you need to consider the client’s needs. Therefore, sourcing homes for sale in places that people will actually want to live is vital. After all, a valuable asset without any demand is futile.

Valuing Your Time

Most people think that any investment that turns a profit is positive. In truth, though, you need to balance it with your time. If the money made from those activities is lower than bank interests, you might as well just choose a high-interest account. It’s certainly easier.

Similarly, spending hours on a project only to make a few dollars is pointless. In that case, you might as well just work overtime. Even when making big money, it sometimes pays to play a backseat role for a slightly reduced profit. Besides, embracing the help of an expert can often reduce the risks of losing out too.

Choosing The Long Game

Investments do sometimes pay off almost overnight. In most situations, though, growth is a slow burner. Therefore, patience is arguably the most important attribute for any modern investor to boast. Without it, you could make rash decisions that limit profits or even lead to losses.

When you are focused on the immediate future, you may ignore the need for analysis and data gathering too. When your eyes are focused on long-term profits, you can often spot a winning investment. Use the Bitcoin investors as inspiration. Those that stayed for the long haul have profited far greater than those with trigger happy fingers.


You don’t need to be a genius to become a great investor. Your investment IQ is largely determined by personality traits and skills that can be developed into natural habits.

Essentially, if you can look at this arena with the right frame of mind, you’ll stand a far better chance of succeeding.

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