IQ Option launched Bitcoin trading from 10 dollars

Cryptocurrency boom has just begun and Bitcoin is at the head of it. More and more traders demand after their brokers to give them the opportunity to capitalize on price movements of cryptocurrencies. IQ Option hasn't waited around the corner for a long time, in the latest news it announced that Bitcoin trading is now possible even with 10 dollars. And how to start trading? Check out article „How to trade Bitcoin with IQ Option“ dedicated to Bitcoin trading at the IQ Option platform.

How Bitcoin trading at IQ Option works

To enter the world of Bitcoin trading you often needed an extensive sum to open an account. IQ Option, however, destroys this barrier, because trading with real money is possible from 10 dollars. To open a Bitcoin position you are required to invest at least 1 dollar. Even though such micro transactions are not for everyone who wants to earn loads of cash. It gives, however, a possibility to trade Bitcoin literally to anyone who got 10 bucks to spend and wants to try making money on the cryptocurrency that overcame all expectations this year. Unlike from forex, BTC and all other cryptocurrencies can be traded 24 hours, 7 days per week, which grants you the possibility to trade them whenever you have a spare time to get down to business.

Summary: How is Bitcoin doing this year so far

Bitcoin has so far the best year in its history. In January one BTC was traded for 959 dollars but now it has reached value over 4600$ per coin and the price is probably heading towards new highs. How much BTC can really yet grow is a question of many investors and traders. According to Saxo Bank analyst Kay Van-Petersen, the price of Bitcoin could hit the benchmark of $100,000 in 10 years. His arguments why that might actually happen were discussed in an interview for in the article - How will bitcoin hit $100,000
Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin are increasingly more often accepted as a valid payment method in all kinds of stores which significantly help to increase the popularity of BTC. And with it also raises also the actual price of BTC.

Is IQ Option featuring just Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that people want to trade. However, a popularity of other cryptocurrencies is rising by the day and the demand with it. IQ Option offers altogether 7 cryptocurrencies to trade, at the head of it featuring the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, followed by relatively new but very prominent Ethereum. We also can’t forget about Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, IOTA which are all doing exceedingly well this year.

Fees for trading Bitcoin at IQ Option

The broker charges only for a spread (i.e. the difference between ask and bid price). There are no other fees for opening a position. One particular feature that will most certainly welcome long term investor is that there is no overnight fee. Therefore, you can you can stay in your Bitcoin position for however long you like and you can make a long-term trade predicting the rise of the Bitcoin price. IQ Option is also featuring in the offer negative balance protection so your risks are limited by your invested amount. On the other hand, your profit is with Bitcoin trading unlimited.
Professionals consider Bitcoin to be the best investment of a decade. According to current estimates, the BTC should be mined out in 2033. What is going to happen then is unknown, but it will not most likely mean the end of this cryptocurrency.

Your profit - If you would have invested 500$ in January 2017

Let’s compare Bitcoin with an ordinary currency like the American dollar. In the beginning of 2017, 1 BTC was worth 1$, today (3.9.2017) you would get the same amount of BTC for 4600$. Lucky for us, with IQ Option you can also have only a portion of the coin, even 0,01 if you want to.
If I would have decided to invest into Bitcoin in the beginning of 2017 and bought BTC in the worth of 500$, I would get 0.52 BTC because the price moved around the benchmark of 950$ per one unit. The price of BTC went practically only up ever since, it dropped only in the beginning of July (great opportunity to buy BTC at that time), but it very swiftly recovered and followed the old tracks and continued to grow. If I would have decided to sell my BTC now, I would get following reward – 4600$ (current price of BTC) * 0,52 (owned BTC) = 2390$. Very decent profit but in the current situation, it would probably be wiser for me to wait a little longer to sell my BTC.

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