Why Is Your Digital Presence Failing?

All businesses are different, especially today seen as thousands of them exist. However, if there is one thing they all in common it is a digital presence. In simple terms, a modern company cannot survive or prosper without taking advantage of the internet. There are too many people online for the business to concentrate on the offline and old school methods of success. Still, having a presence doesn’t mean that is a sure thing. Indeed, lots of firms create an online strategy only to see it fail. If you are one of those companies, you will want to know why. Well, there isn’t a generic, one size fits all reply. But, there are a handful of common reasons that apply to the majority of businesses. The following are the reasons your digital presence isn’t working.

Not Adapting To Google

Businesses rely on search engines to drive traffic to their sites. That is why SEO has become such a big industry in the past five to ten years. But, there is one search engine which takes precedence over the rest, and that is Google. The problem with this giant is that it constantly changes. In its bid to clean up the Web, it evolves on a yearly basis. For example, the Fred update has recently come into effect and caused chaos. If you are only now hearing about this update, it’s a sign the firm’s presence isn’t going to be effective. Google is so powerful that you have to react to every move. Businesses that don’t tend to lose out in the search engine ranking stakes.

Small Budget

As a general rule, you have to splash the cash if you want to see a return on your investment. Okay, it is possible to build a digital presence on a budget. In fact, some companies do it very well, but they are the anomaly that proves the rule. Think about pay-per-click advertising for a moment. PPC is a great tool for businesses to drive traffic to their site and increase awareness of the brand. But, like all things effective, it doesn’t come cheap. Even social media needs a dedicated team to start conversations and reply to comments, and they won’t do it for free. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you might have to spend more for a healthier ROI. At the least you will need to reallocate funds to the marketing budget from elsewhere.


With all the new age technology at the firm’s disposal, it is easy to forget about the basics. A marketing strategy won’t work without an element of organization – fact. Actually, that wasn’t true because it needs more than an element. For an online presence to gain traction, you have to cover every base. That means advertising in emerging markets, enhancing your social media presence, and coming up with new ideas all at once. To hit these goals, a marketing strategy checklist is essential. That way, it is a lot simpler to keep on top of the all the elements of your plan. Outsourcing to an external company with expertise is also another option.

The Site Is Trash

At the forefront of your presence is the company website. After all, the aim is to drive as many people to this place as possible to boost traffic. However, your new users won’t be impressed if they get there and the website is awful. What they will do is bounce as soon as possible to a competitor. So, not only does it affect your reputation, but it also aids your rivals at the same time. Obviously, this is suicide which is why it has to be in great shape. That means the site is visually appealing as soon as you land and easy to navigate. It also means that the speed is fast and that adverts don’t swamp the page. Finally, it should add to the user experience with great content or products and services.

Still The Same

If you look at your strategy now and it is the same as before, this is the main reason you are failing. As you see from the above, the industry has changed in a short space of time. As a result, there are too many features you're omitting that customers demand. The bad news is that the companies you are competing against aren’t making the same mistake. Instead, they are taking over your market share.

As the saying goes, you have to adapt or die. Keep that in mind the next time you analyze your online presence.

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