Benefits Of Becoming A Freelance Contractor

There are many reasons why some people would choose to become a freelancer; more freedom, flexible schedules, and the ability to choose your own hours. However, one of the biggest reasons most people choose to remain employed by a company is because freelancing lacks job security and a definite income. Despite this, many people still choose to become freelancers, and most of them do manage to make a decent living. Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a freelancer.

Less expensive

When you don’t have to spend money on business outfits, commuting costs, and lunch, your cost of living significantly goes down. At most, freelancers have to pay for a good broadband connection and for insurance in case they get sued. There are different kinds of insurance for specific professions, so an IT contractor’s policy from a specialist IT contractor insurance company will be entirely different to a freelance journalist’s insurance policy. Even so, the cost of insurance and broadband could far outweigh the cost of putting petrol in your car to commute to an office that’s over ten miles away each day.

You work for yourself

Offices can be very competitive environments where everyone tries to meet company targets in the hopes of winning a bonus or getting a raise; sometimes the hard work pays off, other times you’ve missed having dinner with your family for a whole month with nothing to show for it. But when you’re the boss and you set the targets, you only work as much as you need to. Sure, in the first few months you’ll have to work really hard to build up your reputation with clients, but once you’ve done that you can decide if you want to take on a project that means you’ll have to work over the weekend. If your income is fine, then just do as much work as you need. If you want to save for a holiday, then take any extra work you can handle.

Big companies love freelancers

Companies love to save money wherever they can, so they love to outsource to freelancers. Hiring a freelancer to do the occasional project is a lot cheaper than hiring a new employee who they’ll only need for a brief period of time. If you do a really good job for a certain company, they’ll be willing to send more work your way, or recommend you to their business partners, which is even better for your freelance business.

Work becomes fun

Eventually, you’ll be in a position where you can choose which projects to take on and which ones to turn down. Therefore, work will become fun again because you’re doing something you enjoy. Not to mention, you won’t have annoying co-workers telling you to turn off your music so they can concentrate; you can be as loud as you want, you can take as many breaks as you want, and you don’t even have to work at home if you don’t want to.

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