Stunning Shopfront Ideas To Wow Your Customers

Advertising doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve ever tried to market your business using Google Adwords or through a marketing company, you’ll know that competing for advertising space requires spending a lot of money. It’s not uncommon for a business to pay more than $100 a day on various advertising strategies, often to no avail.

The good news, however, is that there is a much cheaper and usually more effective way of advertising your business: having a beautiful shop front. Not only is a great store front enticing, but it’s also a sign that you’re a quality business and that people are more likely to get what they want from you. Instead of spending money on a bigger and brighter brochure, take a look at some of these shopfront marketing tips.

Put Everything In Frame

Most shop fronts just display some kind of scene through large panels of glass. The reason they do this is because the strategy works. People like being able to see how your products look in different contexts. However, to really make an impact, why not try using a frame? Putting a frame around your window can help to give your building character as well as heighten intrigue among passers-by.

Use A Call To Action

In the digital marketing world, a call-to-action usually refers to a button or a link people click to take them to the next stage of their interaction with the company, whether that’s downloading a newsletter or buying a product. Since you're a brick and mortar business, you want your shop front to do the same.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your call-to-action is attention-grabbing. Services like Custom Wytelyne powder coating help to make objects, fittings, and fixtures in your shop window stand out. Bright colors are the best as these naturally help to draw the eye. The next step is to paint some instructions for customers on the window itself so that customers know what they should do next, whether it’s to pop into the shop for a free sample or save money in a buy one, get one free offer.

Tell A Story

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In general, people love stories. Stories inspire us and stick in our heads. Using shop windows to tell a story is a great way to grab people’s attention and get them to investigate your shop floor. What you want to avoid are shop windows just filled with products but without any particular narrative. The products might be beautifully arranged, but if customers don’t understand the message, they’re more likely to walk on by.

Let Customers Try Before They Buy

Allowing customers to try something before they buy it is an ingenious strategy. Although the product is free and there is no obligation to buy, customers are more likely to make a purchase if you have given them something first. It’s one of those quirks of psychology that is hard to explain and dumb to ignore. Put free samples on display in your shop window, and you’ll soon have eager punters walking in from the street.

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