Passive Income Ideas: Plenty of Profits Without Much Work


Passive income: money rolling into the bank with very little input from you. Sounds too good to be true, but is actually very doable. While you need money to invest in the first place, once you’re at a stage in your life where you have that extra money to spare, don’t just leave it sitting in the bank. Put it to use! You can turn a little into a lot without much extra work or hassle. Here are three ideas for generating passive income- you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Bricks and mortar are almost always a good investment. While there are peaks and troughs in the property market, generally they increase in value year on year. Purchasing a property (or a number of them) and becoming a property landlord is a great way to make your money work for you. Once all the initial setting up is done- sorting landlord insurance, finding an estate agent to run things for you etc., it’s plain sailing from there. Since there’s a shortage of properties to rent in most areas you’ll never be stuck for tenants and actually have your pick of who you want in. Find good, long term tenants, and that’s a good chunk of money you have going into the bank every single month.


If you’re business- minded, setting up a company is a great way to earn passive income. Perhaps it’s a business you’ve owned for many years and is doing well- if so, hire your replacement to run things and simply oversee everything from the top. The profits go into your bank, but you needn’t have anything to do with the everyday workings of things. Alternatively, if you’re experienced in business and have a product or service that you know people want, you could set up a company with the aim of running it passively. Companies such as SAP B1 can integrate all of your business software making tasks quicker and more efficient, this means you do not have to hire as many people which again equates to more profits for you. As long as you can get the right people on board who are good at their job and work hard, it’s easy money for you.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending companies are industrial-scale online financial matchmakers. They match individual borrowers or companies with savers, cutting out the banking middleman. Borrowers often get slightly lower rates, and savers are able to profit from this. While there is some risk involved (and it’s important to be aware of this) borrowers are carefully selected, and credit checked which does reduce the risk to you. The industry became regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in April 2014, so consumers using the service are better protected too. The lending website does all of the chasing on your behalf, so it’s hassle free for you, and a good option if you’re willing to put money away for a longer term.

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