Brand Is More Than Marketing

A good business owner puts plenty of thought into the branding of the business. They think about the value at the core of their message, who receives the message, the voice and visual style of it all. They want a brand that’s memorable and powerful. But if they only think to extend that brand as far as marketing material, the site, and their social media messaging, they’re using it wrong. A good brand runs consistently throughout the whole business and even beyond.

The people

Every business should focus on getting people on their side who are not only skilled and productive workers. They should focus on hiring those who truly believe in the business and the values of the branding. You can better instil these qualities in the team as well. Keeping them informed of the grand strategies of the business and their part in them. Getting them to love their workplace and the environment they’re a part of. These are strategies that are truly going to get them on board. It turns them from employees to brand ambassadors who can truthfully and enthusiastically sell the brand to those they encounter. Whether it’s on a shop floor, at a trade show, or on social media.

The environment

You need to look at the spaces that represent the business as well. This isn’t just about the marketing of a retail space, the visual merchandising and ergonomics of consumer spaces. It applies just as much to businesses who don’t have consumer spaces but still have commercial properties. It includes the offices in which you get work done. Your own environments give you the chance to decide on your own commercial interior design. It allows you to create an environment that is a direct reflection of the brand. Not only will these environments show any clients, partners and other visitors that your business maintains its image beyond surface level. It’s another way to get the people in those environments, the employees, engaged and in-line with the branding.

The community

You can’t talk about a brand seriously without talking about the people that it’s aimed at. But a good business doesn’t just use a brand as a one-way system to communicate with the target market. It uses customers to strengthen that brand and it give it a twist that only genuine interaction from the market can offer. Positive social proof is one of the most important parts of any great marketing strategy. Keeping customers satisfied and stimulating an environment of positive word-of-mouth is just the start. A great brand is all about getting customers to take part in the celebration of the brand and the value it represents. Getting them to take part in giveaways and competitions, even seeing them create content for a marketing campaign. Community engagement needs to be at the heart of every commercial brand.

A good brand isn’t just an image or a message. It’s an ethos and a core that should be consistent at every level in the business. Without walking the walk in the business, the brand is a flimsy thing that falls down on closer inspection. Make sure your brand is genuine and your business practices are true to the brand.

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