Three Ways To Give Your Small Business A Facelift

Have you been running a small business for some time but feel like it is going nowhere? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Launching a company and sustaining it is an extremely difficult task over a period of months, let alone years. It’s a lot of responsibility to take on, and sometimes the challenge comes from keeping your head above water. Before you throw in the towel, take a look at this advice to give your small business that much needed shot in the arm.

Consider A Rebrand

Every business needs a strong brand so people associate the logo and colour scheme with your company. Many people mock these up on their own, so it may be an idea to consult with a graphic designer who has experience when it comes to branding. If your business has been around for a while, a rebrand can be a way of generating some coverage. Your brand should be used consistently throughout your company website, stationery, correspondence and anything else your clients may see. A strong brand helps to instil trust and gives your business increased credibility.

Employ A PR Professional

Many people have at least one marketing professional working in their small business, but PR is an area that often gets overlooked. Public relations helps to generate coverage through perceived third parties. For example, if you run a fashion business, getting mentions in specific fashion publications that potential clients are likely to read will help you reach out to your target audience and generate trust. Many people switch off to traditional forms of marketing and advertising, but PR helps to reach out to these people. PR professionals have the ability to form relationships with key publications in your field, generating coverage which you may not have received before.

Revamp Your Website

With the speed in which website development moves today, sites can end up looking tired and stale after only a couple of years. Now may be the time to refresh your site and make it looks more modern. The website is the modern shop window, catching the eye of potential customers, When your new site launches, you should make sure to promote it as widely as possible through your social media accounts, forums, messageboards and any publications which may be interested.

You should also make sure your site is optimised for search engines, so have it undergo a technical SEO audit before you send it live. Think about what keywords people are likely to search for, and make sure these feature prominently in the content on your site. Create fresh content on a regular basis for your blog page, and encourage this to be shared. There are plenty of tips available online for how to create the most interesting content. Try to get your links shared on other reputable sites, as this has been a proven method for boosting SEO.

These are just a few ways for getting your small business the recognition it deserves. Try out one, two or all three and see the impact it has for you.

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