The Keys to a Successful Exhibition

Trade shows are very effective ways of getting your business noticed by not only the masses and the media, but also by potential investors as well as competitors. Trade shows are a volatile and cutthroat place where you’ll be constantly judged by your rivals and scrutinised by the media for your choices and pestering you constantly about your future and current plans.

However, there’s no doubt that while trade shows might be a hostile place, they are also where your business can flourish if you plan your exhibition successfully. Here is a couple of ideas on how you can plan the perfect exhibition and execute it flawlessly.

Don’t Go Alone

Sure, you can run a business without any employees but if you attend a trade show, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Make sure you bring a bunch of employees if you have them to handle everything from public relations to networking and setting up the equipment you need to run your exhibition. If you’re still a sole business owner with no employees, you’ll need to try and hire some friends or family members who are willing to help or attend the trade show with some of your business partners.

Plan Ahead

If you plan to run more than an exhibition then you’re going to need to formulate a strategy. For starters, if you plan on holding a conference to give your audience a better idea of what your product is used for, then you can use conference room booking software to help you manage all of your visitors, the timetable for the event and also get a good idea of how much money you’re going to need to spend. It’s a worthwhile investment especially if you plan to run more conferences in the future or plan more exhibitions.

Come With a Purpose

When you attend a trade show you need to have a purpose or a reason for going there. Are you trying to network with other businesses and find investors? Are you trying to show off a specific product? Are you trying to make sales? What is your reason for attending a trade show? The faster you discover your reasons for going, the more effective your overall plan will be and the higher your chance for success. For instance, if you plan to network then prepare business cards in advance and practice your pitches when you speak to investors. If you plan to make sales, then make sure you bring a demonstration of your product and have press materials ready.

Engage With Visitors

You’re not going to be very successful if you sit on your chair in your booth waiting for people to come. You have to engage with the foot traffic by setting up demonstrations and drawing them in. Whether it’s speaking to them directly and pitching what your product is to them or having large neon signs that draw people in, you need to engage with the customers and build up a lot of interest around your product if you want to get attention.

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