Get Your Teeth Stuck Into Bigger Revenue


Let’s not beat around the bush here, no one likes going to the dentist. It doesn’t matter how important it is that we look after our teeth, or how infrequently we have to pop along to a dentist appointment, no one likes going. There is almost a preconceived idea that the news will be bad. People scrub their teeth three times a day and follow all the rules, like no fizzy drinks and wait an hour after eating before brushing, yet they still think they’ll have to have a filling, and that means getting the drill.

However, despite all that, people know they have to attend their appointments. So how do you ensure that they come to your dentist surgery and not one of your competitors? How do you grow your customer base enough that you can bring on more employees? Well, we are here to provide you with a few ways you can get your teeth stuck into more revenue without having to fight tooth and nail for it (sorry!).


Be More Welcoming

The attitude of your employees can go an immensely long way in making a patient's experience that much more enjoyable. Yes, we said enjoyable. Not bearable, but enjoyable, and that is part of it. So many dentists concede to the idea that the dentist is horrendous, and they do so by saying things like, “now that wasn’t so bad was it?” which makes the patient think it should be bad. So stay positive, ignore using negative insinuations and instruct all of your staff to make the whole experience more comfortable and warm, from your receptionists to your hygienists, everyone should embody a more welcoming atmosphere.


Improve The Design

Why not make your surgery less out-dated and more sophisticated, more stylish, and more wow. Yes, you can do that. Bring in a professional, someone experienced in providing a medical fitout, and see what they have to say. Look at the space you have, consider the waiting area and address the importance of practicality and functionality as well as comfort and flair. You will want to have incredible sofas and chairs for your patients to wait, maybe a huge fish tank with exotic creatures and a nice flat screen TV to take people’s minds off the inevitable.


Cater For Everyone

Don’t just have a smart, professional and clean place you think adults would like to visit. Consider those who have mental health issues, like autism. Consider young children. Parents are so conscious of looking after their kid's teeth that they will be the best customers you have, so make sure you cater to kids. If you are a dentist that the child wants to see, then you are going to win the work. Have a nice area with some children’s books, beanbags, textures and colors, a small screen with a computer console, a ball pit, anything that is going to give the kid some fun time before they step into the chair. It’s little things like that which will help your business grow.

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