Get More from Your Staff by Following These Vital Steps

Boosting staff productivity

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Your staff is one of your business's most valuable assets, and you may even see them as number one. Without productive employees, you wouldn't get very far with selling your products or services. Ideally, your staff should want to turn up at work every day and do a good job for you. However, all too often businesses find that they aren't getting what they expect from their workers. Sometimes it's because they have hired the wrong people. But it can often be due to the work environment they have created. If you have a high turnover rate, or you don't feel your employees are productive, you need to make some changes.

Hire the Right People

The first step to getting the most from your staff is to make sure you hire the right people. It's not just about choosing the best hires but also about creating roles that work. Are you more likely to find two part-time workers who do great jobs or one full-time worker? Which choice will be more cost-effective or offer you the flexibility you need? When it's time to find new employees, you need to ensure you use the right methods. For some positions, specialist executive search firms could serve you better than a generic talent agency.

Open Up Communication

Communication between employer and employee is essential. Your staff doesn't want to feel like they are only being spoken to, with no opportunity to have their say. Ensuring that communication is a two-way street is beneficial for you and them. By allowing them to provide feedback, make suggestions and raise concerns, you can help them be more productive. Everyone can understand what's expected of them and how things could be improved. Open communication also helps to prevent problems arising. It allows you to take care of them before they develop.

Make Their Jobs Easier

Many people have frustrations about things that prevent them getting their real work done. Of course, everyone might have to fill out some paperwork now and then. But there are often unnecessary boundaries and red tape that get in people's way. You should consider whether there are any ways that you might be inadvertently making it harder for your staff to be productive. If you're not sure, you can always ask them. Do you require them to do an admin task that someone else could do, or that could be automated? Perhaps you even need to make an extra hire to take some of their workload.

Assess Performance

Performance reviews might not be fun for anyone, but they can be useful. They are particularly helpful for new hires when they're still settling in. However, a major review every six months to a year isn't the only way to assess performance. You can also do it on an ongoing basis, keeping up to date with everyone's progress. Regular meetings can help with this so that you know what everyone is doing each day.

If you want to get more from your staff, you need to nurture them. Don't rely on fear tactics or negative reinforcement to get them to work harder.

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