What Can David Brent Teach Us About Business?

David Brent - the archetypal businessman???

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He was a friend second (and probably an entertainer third). But, first and foremost, David Brent was a boss. As the resurrected Ricky Gervais character hits the silver screen, let’s take some time to think about him. More specifically, let's think about the valuable lessons that the former Wernham Hogg manager taught us.

Many of those lessons are admittedly derived from Brent’s mistakes. However, they’re lessons all the same. In the words of the man himself: into the fray!

Get Their Attention!

The modern business arena is a fiercely competitive environment. As such, you need to do everything in your power to grab a customer’s attention with a winning first impression.

Shouting “there’s been a rape up there” might not do the trick. But with the right branding and marketing tools, you should achieve your goals. A well-designed website will work wonders, just make sure that it’s optimized for mobile. After all, customers are increasingly likely to access data via those handheld devices.

A Little Word Called Morale

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. But it’s not all about hiring the right people for the jobs. In many ways, building a great atmosphere is just as crucial. After all, a happy workforce is a more productive workforce too.

Team building exercises and great communication can all have a positive influence. Establishing a community atmosphere will provide a stronger platform for the company to build upon.

Staff Training Is Key

“What’s the single most important thing to your business? It’s the people. Invest in people.” Those are probably the smartest words ever uttered by Brent. And you should be eager to encourage the development of your employees at every given opportunity.

The Wernham Hogg training days may have been a little futile. However, allowing your staff to bolster their skills can have epic results for your business. Whether it’s injection molding classes or first aid courses doesn’t matter. All progress is a step forward for the employee and, more importantly, the company.

Perceptions... Yeah

Image is a crucial element for Brent, and it should be for your business too. After all, a struggling salesman doesn’t start turning up on a bicycle. Whatever you do, your actions should encourage trust and confidence from the client.

The most natural starting point is your own appearance. Cracking out your best attire (it's probably best to leave your Sergio Georgini jacket at home) can give you extra confidence. Meanwhile, being organized with business cards and other essentials will all help set a positive tone. Follow this up by striking a strong connection with the client, and you won’t go far wrong.

Google Is King

Brent might be a little undecided about unrestricted online content in the workplace. But it does underline the most important element of modern marketing. Most people turn to search engines when looking for services and products. From your perspective, ranking highly can lead to increased web traffic and greater sales figures.

Visitors aren’t going to find your website unless you help them. Embrace the power of this incredible resource while supplementing it with a strong social media presence. You should see vast improvements.

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