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Saving money on razors

Shaving can be an expensive necessity but does it necessarily have to cost you a small fortune. The following article provides an alternative to paying for replacement razor blades:

Shaving is expensive!

There is always the latest triple flexi five bladed smooth action shaving gadget on offer. The razor is always relatively cheap to buy and is sold as a loss leader. The companies that sell razors make their money on selling additional blades. These can cost a small fortune over time.

An average pack of replacement blades cost roughly £12 in the UK for four replacements. Most razor companies recommend three to four uses from each blade. This means that each blade will last roughly a week, assuming you want a face as smooth as a baby's bottom! This will mean that over the course of a year you will spend roughly £156 on replacement razors, not to mention the additional cost of replacing your razor for the latest model every year. Ignoring inflation and assuming that the average male will have 65 years of their life in which they need to shave this works out at roughly £10,140 over an average lifetime spent on shaving!!!

Never fear! There is a cheaper shaving alternative!

Disposable razors. Ok I know what you're thinking. They're not as good. They're cheap and nasty. You only get one use of of them. I suggest to you that you try them.

A pack of 8 disposable razors costs £5 so you're already saving money when compared to replacement heads. This costs on average 63p per disposable razor compared with £3 per replacement head.

In addition, after each use of the disposable razor DO NOT THROW THE RAZOR AWAY! Instead, wipe the blades of the razor on a clean towel and ensure that there are no hairs caught between the blades. Do this after every use and I can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to get at least 10 uses of each disposable razor. So let us assume that each razor will last you about 3 weeks. This means that a pack of disposable razors cold last you about 24 weeks. Meaning that your total razor cost for the year is about £10.84. That's a whopping saving of about 93%!

Conside the disposable razor!

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