Making money through tutoring

Side business: tutoring

Tutoring can be incredibly rewarding to those that choose to do it on the side. The following article details what you would need to get started as a tutor and why you should consider it:

Ever felt like you wanted to earn some additional cash on the side?

Have you ever considered tutoring?

Requirements for tutoring:

The only things that you are typically required to have in order to tutor are:
1) a degree in you chosen subject to tutor
2) contacts with a local school/ university within which to offer your services. Alternatively you could search online for a local tutoring agency (this is the easier way)
3) materials such as past exam papers and Mark schemes can be found online
4) the latest textbook(s) used by your potential pupil in your chosen topic area
5) enthusiasm in the subject area 
6) CRB/ DBS or equivalent certification that confirms that you are able to work with under 18s

The benefits of being a tutor

Now you may be wondering why you would want to tutor - seems like a lot of effort!?
The benefits of being a tutor are as follows:
1) first and foremost the money is quite good. Depending on where you are based and your chosen subject area you could expect to earn anywhere between £20-£40 per hour. Get the right sort of pupil in the right subject area and this could have the potential to earn you up to £200 per hour!
2) Flexibility - being a tutor is wonderfully flexible. You can dictate how many students you would like to tutor, at what educational level, and even the number of hours that you'd like to teach. Of course this is partly dependent on the availability of your pupil as well
3) being a tutor is fun! Sharing your knowledge and helping someone can be really satisfying 
4) finally you can gain a real sense of a achievement, not only when your student does well but also when you see a big improvement in the quality of their work as a result of your efforts

Many people talk about wanting to earn money on the side but don't know where to start. Being a tutor can be tremendously rewarding both monetarily and mentally.

Remember to declare you additional income for tax purposes!

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