The Biggest Secret of the Rich (Part 2)

This article follows on from a previous one, The Biggest Secret of the Rich (Part 1), as part of a series of four on the main reasons as to why people are unable to emulate the hard work necessary to generate the success of the rich.

Becoming rich is not easy


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Quick Recap: Hard work

Colin Powel once said:
"A Dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work"
As was made quite clear in the previous article in this series, becoming successful (however you choose to mark that success) requires hard work. Furthermore, that hard work has little to do with luck.

If we're all clear on what it is that will lead us to be successful then what is it that we're doing wrong, or what do we lack, preventing us from reaching our full potential?


One possibility is that we are indifferent. Some people would suggest that people aren't bothered to work hard because they are indifferent to success. People aren't bothered to become an expert in something, specialise or better themselves. They'd much rather sit at home watching TV. Becoming successful sounds like too much hard work.

What Indifference Really is:

This sort of attitude astounds me. How can anyone not want to better themselves, improve themselves, reach their full potential and maybe stretch beyond it? I find it hard to believe that anyone who seriously argues that they are indifferent to success isn't lying. It is more plausible that this sort of person doesn't want to risk failure in a task that they put their full efforts into.

To this person I would suggest that you take a long look at yourself and question your 'indifference'. If it is fear of failure then be reassured that if you fail in whatever task you are trying to complete, that isn't the end. You learn from your mistakes and try again, even harder. Failure is not an excuse for not working hard. There is nothing wrong with failure, but there is something wrong with failing to do anything about it.

Look out for the next part in this mini series on the reasons why people are unable to reach their full potential. The next article will be on Laziness.

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WorkSaveLive said...

This is definitely compelling and interesting.

The question that comes to my mind is there a difference between indifference and contentment?

I don't think there is anything wrong with being content with your life, but if you're unhappy and struggling to make ends-meet or building a career, AND you're indifferent about it then that is certainly an issue.

Katie said...

I think the fear of failure is what keeps many people from being successful. I completely agree with you -learn from your mistakes and try again!

Modest Money said...

Good point about fear of failure. People may have all kinds of ideas of how they could become rich, but they usually talk themselves out of pursuing it because they deem there is too much risk. Sometimes the only risk is the time and effort that they have to put into their idea. I guess that's where the laziness factor comes into play.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Thanks Katie and Modest Money for your comments. I find it interesting that young people don't realise that they have time on their side. Failure isn't a failure in that setting, it's a learning experience.