The Biggest Secret of the Rich (Part 3)

This article follows on from a previous one, The Biggest Secret of the Rich (Part 2), as part of a series of four on the main reasons as to why people are unable to emulate the hard work necessary to generate the success of the rich. If you would like to start from the beginning of the series (recommended) then please click on the following article: The Biggest Secret of the Rich (Part1).

If you want to be rich don't be lazy

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One of the possible reasons for not wanting to work hard could be a result of sheer laziness. Sadly it is the case that many people will try to find all sorts of excuses as to why they can't work harder on something or as to why they aren't successful. I always find it ironic that some of these excuses given are extremely intricate and well thought out. It makes you wonder what this person could have achieved if they'd spent as much time and effort on work than on their excuses.

Some people may argue that rest is important and that people can't be expected to work all the time. This is true, and a little time off from work here and there can be a restful benefit for the mind allowing for more efficient work when you return to the job at hand. However, I worry that some people may use 'the need for rest' argument as an excuse not to put much effort in at all. These same people are the ones who complain that they aren't successful!

Just like in the case of Indifference I believe that some people use laziness as an excuse not to work for fear of failure. Sentences like "I value my free time" may really be revealing an avoidance of hard work for fear of failure. Whilst, by any means, I would not suggest that it was true for all people I am bothered that people can use the same valid argument as an excuse for not trying.

However, it is the case that not all people aim to work all the time. These sorts of people measure their success in other ways. For example they may genuinely relish and enjoy leisure time, and that it absolutely fine. If they are happy living like this then that's fine. My only point to these people is that they shouldn't complain that they do not have all that they desire as they have only themselves to blame for their circumstances.

Anne Frank famously wrote in her diary:
"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction"
I felt that this quote would be a neat why to finish off this article. It encapsulates my lack of understanding of people who would not want to work hard, for whatever reason. May we all work hard and live happier lives.

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Katie said...

I think laziness begets laziness. It's a trap for some people. If someones going to be lazy that their choice but they need to realize that it's their fault they are not successful, rather than making excuses.

This That and The MBA said...

I totally agree with the laziness appears attractive. There are a few people at work that do nothing but sit there and stare at their screens. Sometimes they suck me in and then I just feel so unmotivated that it can last a few days. I think when I have motivation and work hard it gives sense of accomplishment and i actually enjoy work then.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Katie that's exactly my point. But do you think people always have a choice? Sometimes they may just lack the ability to work hard?

This That and The MBA, I always wonder what the actual effect of laziness around you is. I'm sure that it has a negative effect on others. What do you think?