Yakezie Writing Contest

Dear Readers,

I have some great news. Today I was published on Yakezie Personal Finance Forum's Writing Contest. My essay is called 'The Social Outcast Network' and is an original analysis of Social Media and true relationships in today's world.

The publishing of my essay indicates that I have reached the final stage of the competition. I urge you to go and read my essay. Let me know what you think of it in the comments box below the essay. You can also give me a score out of 3 where 3 is the highest. If you want to know more the voting rules are on this link.

I would really appreciate any feedback on the essay so please be as honest as possible. I'm trying to generate interest so any comments are appreciated. If you have made a comment on the essay itself please get in touch by commenting on this post so that I can thank you personally!

Kind Regards,



Poor Student said...

Congratulations. I am also a finalist, here is my essay: http://yakezie.com/201798/writing-contest/definitions-of-wealth/

Please don't consider that trying to steal your thunder, you wrote a great article. What I truly came here to say was the link in your Yakezie name has a comma instead of a period so the link does not work. You should fix that when you can.

Congratulations on being a finalist and good luck in the contest.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Thanks for letting me know and good luck!

aliya seen said...

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