Personal Finance: Back to Basics

Tired of Seeing the Same Personal Finance Blogs?

Looking around the internet today blogging seems to be the 'in-thing' to do. More specifically blogging about ones personal finances seems to be a very popular leisure activity (or in some cases a business). There are literally tens of thousands of different personal finance blogs on the blogosphere. There are so many that it is sometimes hard to decide which ones to follow. Many are just the same as the next one, reproducing existing content.

Decent personal finance blogs have a similar theme to one another. They all outline the same basic principles:
  1. Income must be greater than Outgoings
  2. Make money work for you rather than you work for your money
  3. Prepare for the unexpected
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For those that don't know, here follows a quick explanation of each of these basic principles:
  1. You must not be spending more than you earn. This may involve cutting back your expenses or else finding a way to boost your income. It also requires focusing on removing debt that is a strain on your finances.
  2. We've all heard this before. This involves paying yourself first. When you receive your paycheck you must transfer money into a savings account before going off on those shopping sprees. You also need to know what to do with the money saved in order to ensure that you get a good return.
  3. This clearly means insurance and emergency funds. It is sensible to have about 6 months worth of your salary saved up in the form of an emergency fund. As for insurance, and as many of my readers will already know, I have a real problem with insurance. What is the optimal amount?

The Difference

So the question you may all be wondering:

What makes this blog any different?

Well I believe that there are several elements that make this personal finance blog a little different:
  1. I am extremely open and honest with my audience. You've only to look at some of the latest posts to see this. For example Budgeting in a Salary increase, Multimillionaire Road Plan Reviews, and my Share Portfolio: June Update. I try to tell all the numbers to my audience to hold me accountable and to demonstrate that I'm a real guy who makes mistakes. My hope is that when (not ifI'm successful others may learn from my mistakes and successes
  2. I believe that some of my ideas are quite original. For example Renting Versus Buying, Group Theory, and Group Theory in Action: ISA Millionaires
  3. I believe that I have a lot to give in the future. I currently have an idea for a niche site that I am soon to be implementing. Furthermore since I will be working in the finance industry I will be learning and producing more hints, tips and advice for my audience.

Readers, does this make me original enough or do I need to be doing something more to stand out from the crowd?

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Anonymous said...

I just read what I think of myself but you know that all you need to do is be you. When fans feel comfortable with you and that you are talking to them they will come back.

I try to write my blog posts as if they are sitting in an audience and I am talking to them. I laugh with them, I cry with them, I'm patient with them and I genuinely care about them.
With the amount of PF blogs on the internet trying to keep up with them is not what I'm trying to do. I say capture your audience, talk to them like you not only teaching them but learning from them.

I enjoy your site, keep up the good work.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

I think you're right there CBB. The likes of you and I aren't looking to compete with the big boys who've already marked their territory. We need to cut out our own niche and provide whatever it is that our readers want.