Personal Finance Blogger Hall of Fame: Patt Flynn

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Hall of Fame Entry: PAT FLYNN

Why Pat Flynn?

For those of you that don't already know who Pat Flynn is I would urge you to click on the photo or link in the caption and check out his website Smart Passive Income. Whilst he doesn't know this Pat has inspired and motivated me.

Pat Flynn: Picture from
I discovered Pat through his comments on other personal finance blogs and was delighted to find that he had a podcast series dating back to 2010. It has taken me about a month but I'm now up to date with his first 40 episodes. In the last month I have been taking my finals for University and found it difficult to find the time and motivation to carry on writing for my blog. It was Pat's words on the podcast that helped me to stay the course and produce two pieces of content throughout this difficult period. Thank you Pat. You will never know quite how much you helped. I am sure that it is the same for others as well.

Who is Pat Flynn?

What I like about Pat is that he is clearly just a regular guy like you and me. This comes through strongly in his podcast with recent appearances from his son and regular chatter about his family. He's a family man trying to to the best for his nearest and dearest. 

Like many during the recession he was laid off but unlike many showed courage, determination and entrepreneurship and started out on his own business. Pat already ran a website that helped people to pass the LEED exam (architectural exams). Through a lot of effort he developed and monetised it through affiliate links and selling his own ebook. Pat made an impressive $8000 from the newly monetized site in the FIRST month! The end product looks great.

Another niche site that Pat developed was his Security guard training website. In my opinion this site is a brilliant case study for anyone wishing to start their own niche site. You can follow Pat's progress and development of the site in the Niche Site Duel. Whilst I already have my optimized keyword sorted, I am about to start my own niche site in the coming months and am going to be rereading the development of for guidance.

Pat's blog tracks his progress and also provides many useful tips and insights in the form of video and podcast. However, it is Pat's warmth and openness that shines through in all that he does that makes him and his work so inviting that you've got to keep coming back for more.

Pat, if you ever get to read this, on behalf of all that have come across you, thank you.

Readers, who are your favourite personal finance bloggers? Have you come across Pat Flynn before? What did you learn from him?

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Daisy @ Add Vodka said...

Ohhh I have SO MANY favorite PF bloggers. They are all wonderful. I tend to like the smaller bloggers better, as I find them a bit more authentic, but then again I have a few favorite PF bloggers that aren't considered small and are very authentic.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Thanks Daisy for your comment. If you have any smaller PF blog that you would like to write a quick guest post about (with links to your site and theirs) just let me know. I would particularly be interested in any particularly small, niche, unique PF blogs. Get in touch! And that goes for anyone else reading this.

Marissa @Thirty Six Months said...

I love reading Pat's post. From all that I've heard, he seems to be a great guy.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Marissa thanks for your comments. Yes he is. Definitely go check him out if you haven't already.

Surfer Sam said...

The personal finance bloggers, particularly in the category Make Money Online, have taught me everything I know about business on the Net.

Mr. Moneybanks said...

Thanks Sam. Can't believe I didn't see this comment 9 months ago!!!! Massive apologies for being so late. How can I make it up to you? PS totally understand if you take 9 months to reply!

Unknown said...

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living room ideas said...

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Build a blog said...

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Glen said...

I follow so many Personal Finance bloggers. but the smaller bloggers are better as I find them a bit more authentic