The Anatomy Of A Product Page That Converts!

 Your business website will be full of different product pages. These pages have one main purpose: to convert users into customers. It's where you showcase your offering and convince people to buy it. As you can imagine, some product pages are built differently from others. The best ones will have impressive conversion rates, earning you lots of money. 

How do you create a product page that converts? Let's look at a breakdown of the key elements to include:

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Excellent product visuals

The visuals are the most integral part of a great product page. Ultimately, people want to see what your product looks like from many different angles. This is why lots of companies are utilising CGI to produce product photos that look real and have more abilities. In essence, the product photo can be moved around and viewed from different angles. It shows the user more of the product, meaning they are in a better position to make a decision. 

The same goes for things like product videos - it helps to have a short video showing the product in action. Again, couple this with lots of angles of the product and you provide more information for the customer. Ultimately, that's all they're after!

Compelling product descriptions

Speaking of information, the product description will provide a lot of it for the user. Here, you need to get things spot on! Firstly, don't produce paragraphs of writing as it's hard for people to follow. Instead, you should have a few lines describing the product, followed by bullet points of all its key features. Also, in that opening short paragraph, you should focus on how the product benefits the user. What can it do for them? Why is it special? The features add to this, and the whole idea is that you're showing someone why they need this product over other ones. 


What are tabs? Well, they're basically mini menus on your product page. Consider this, your product may include lots of different information that people either need or want to know. The product description is more of an overview of the features and benefits. But, you might need to include technical things like the dimensions, materials, etc. For food products, you'd also need nutritional information, while clothing items should have washing and general care instructions. 

Now, imagine having all of this on the same page. It would take ages for people to scroll down, and it's overwhelming. Splitting these up into their own tabs makes far more sense. Here, the tabs are clearly labelled, so people can see what info they'll receive when clicking on them. It makes the experience far better as they can quickly find everything they're after. It all comes together to make it easier for the user to make an informed decision! 

You will struggle to go wrong if your product pages include these three key elements. After all, it's all about making the user feel secure. They want to know what they're buying, and if it's right for them. Great visuals, a killer description, and further information in tabs will help them do just that.

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