How Not-For-Profits Can Rise Above 2020

 The year we’ve all had is one to forget. Just tuck 2020 away into a dark place and never open it again. Many people will be feeling sad, lonely, downbeat, and not really looking forward to anything this year. They know that the pandemic isn’t over, not by a long shot. This will probably keep some wounds open and this can lead to them experiencing tough times. As a not-for-profit business, you have to be a shining light to all peoples who are going through some very harsh times. Yet, since there are so many people who are buying things online, and also needing a helping hand, you may have the right opportunity to introduce yourself. How can a charity rise above the challenges of 2020? We present to you some awesome techniques for just that!


People matter

Start thinking about how people matter in this situation. People that thought they were strong-minded and had a happy life, may have gone through some wicked times. They may have had a divorce while stuck indoors in lockdown. They might have lost their jobs due to businesses closing down. They might feel as if their entire life has just been ripped away from them. On the other hand, you have people that have always had it rough and now, the pandemic has sent them into a deep dark depression. 

What you need to do is…

- Is the C-suite having a meeting about such issues? How can you position your business in such a way that you are either covering a lot of the groups that are affected, or going after a niche?

- Can you build a marketing strategy that encapsulates what you're trying to pinpoint in these groups? It might be depression, domestic violence, broken families, financial troubles, etc.

- Create brilliant SEO content that covers the most difficult and intriguing areas of their troubles. Be informative and offer your services in a non-salesy type of way.

Make it easy

Did you know that Americans gave $427 billion to charities just in 2018? There should never be any excuse for why your NFP cannot get the desired donations when there are so many people, ready and willing to be so generous. But in the current climate, we know that using machines in-person puts people off when they go to shop or when they enter into an establishment. So be innovative and use contactless donation boxes. The user just has to swipe their credit card over the reader and they will have made their donation. You set the amount beforehand on the digital screen and they do the rest. Quick, easy and safe!

Be honest

As a NFP, you don’t have to make any kind of pretenses about your finances. Just be honest with people and say that you have not had as many donations as you normally would, and thus you haven’t been able to help as many people as you’d like. This can grab people’s hearts and persuade them to donate just because they see a NFP is struggling to help the community. 

Every single business has gone through hell in 2020. Not-for-profits have suffered perhaps the most. But you should take on this advice and better your future as you move forward beyond.

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