Save Money On Public Transport With These 3 Simple Tips


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Although the global pandemic is still having an impact on people’s day to day lives and enforcing governments to impose lockdowns, people are still needing to use public transport. Whether it’s because they are unable to work from home and need to be on business premises, or because they have to take the children to school, people still need to travel by train and bus to continue with their lives as best they can during these uncertain times. 

There are numerous reasons why someone may want to limit the use of public transport during the COVID-19 outbreak, either because they don’t want to increase their chances of catching the virus or looking for ways to cut down on their spending. This year has seen many people lose their jobs or be furloughed, meaning their income has been impacted. A lot of people are looking for ways to cut down on expenditure, and one way you can do this is by saving money on public transport. Keep reading to find out how.

Finding an alternative way to travel

If you’re concerned about risking your health, you could look at alternative ways to travel to work or school during the pandemic. If you don’t own a vehicle, it may be worth looking into getting a cheap car to run you and your family around. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can get cheap city cars that don’t cost much to fill up and you don’t have to pay road tax on, so that will save you some money. If several kids live near each other and go to the same school, a minibus could be a great option to get them from home to school without the stress and save on costs. 

Save money on train fares

Many people rely on trains for traveling and ticket prices can be pricey, but if you book them in advance you can reduce the costs. Some companies may charge you a booking fee but this should still be cheaper than buying train tickets on the day. You should also see if you qualify for a railcard as this can save you money significantly. You can get discount passes if you’re in full-time education, have a disability, under 25, or in the armed forces, to name a few, so do check them out. Booking your tickets through cashback sites can also help save money. 

Save money on bus fares

If you use the bus often, it may be worth getting a season ticket as it can save a lot of money over the year. Discount passes are available for those who have a disability, are in full-time education, or are aged between 16-25 so check with your local bus operator as each one can vary. Children under 5 can usually travel by bus for free, and children under 16 usually get half-price fares. You may be able to travel by bus for free or at a reduced rate if you are a carer and are traveling with the person you care for, but they will need to have a disabled person’s bus pass. 

Hopefully, these tips outlined in the post will help you save money on public transport as the bus and train fares can start to have a strain on your finances.

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