Office Vs Remote Working: The Pros And Cons


When running a business or working for a company, many of us question which method of working is best for us. There is a lot of debate over whether it is better to work from home or in the office, and they both have reasonable merits and flaws. 

Today we are going to explore the pros and cons of working from home versus working in an office and see which one is the best option for you this year. 

Office working 

Working in an office is the classic method for businesses and has been tradition for decades. But with the rise of digital life and the technology we now have access to; people are starting to question whether we even need an office space for staff any longer. 


Quick communication 

The first pro of being in the office rather than at home is of course swift communication. When you are in the office and need to ask a question you can literally just go and ask immediately. Whereas at home you have to either email or instant message but there is no guarantee the other person will see your message right away. 

Better time management 

Being in the office is a good thing for many because there is a clear structure for the day. When working in an office environment you have a clear cut clock in time and a clear clock out time as well as breaks throughout the day. When at home though, it can be more difficult to stick to a schedule and many people either don’t have breaks or end up working too long. 

No distractions 

In an office you won’t have your child or your pet coming up to you and asking for attention every 2 minutes and you also won’t be thinking about all of the chores that need doing around the house! 



As good as having an office can be, it is very expensive. From casing out a renting plot or buying a piece of land and renting the latest land surveying equipment; there are a lot of things involved in renting or building an office for your company and the prices are excruciating. It is important to consider how much you can save by staying at home. 

Commuting time 

What’s the worst part of getting up for work in the morning? Getting stuck in traffic. There's is nothing worse than a stressful commute to and from work every day and when you work at home you won’t get that. 


Working in an office environment has proven to be much more stressful than at home. This is likely in part due to your boss hanging over your shoulder, as well as uncomfortable chairs and lighting. The pressure to be put together can certainly make you more stressed in general. 

Remote working 

In the last few years working from home has become the new norm for many of us, and it is a whole different ball game. You don’t have to wear suits or heels at home, you can make your own breakfasts, and you can manage your own time and be a bit more flexible when you need to. It’s a new way of working that many of us may adopt. 


No commute 

The first big benefit to working at home is the fact that there is no commute. No longer will you need to wake up an hour before work to sleepily put on your makeup and your clothes - instead, you can roll out of bed 20 minutes before you start and have some breakfast and a cup of coffee. Working at home can be a huge help and it will allow you to get some extra sleep. 

Manage your own time 

Managing your time can be seen as a con if you struggle with organisation but it can also be a big pro. Being able to manage your own workflow instead of having your boss dictating your every move and this will be a good thing. For those of you who work better either first thing in the morning or later in the day; the freedom of working from home allows you to work at your peak productivity time and make the most of your day. 


The main benefit to working from home is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of your own space. Once you have chosen a home office for yourself you can set it up how you like best and make it as cosy as possible. You can also work in your pyjamas! 



Being at home can also mean that you are distracted by things such as your children, your pets, and chores around the house. It is very easy to get distracted especially if you have the tv on while you work or you start to get hungry and need a snack! 

Lack of motivation 

One of the biggest challenges or working at home is finding the motivation to sit down and get the job done. It is all too easy to feel too comfortable at home and now even turn on your laptop and this is a trap that many can fall into. The key is to separate your working space from the rest of the house and this will allow you to work efficiently

Struggle to switch off 

When you work in the office, it is easy to wait until 5pm and grab your things and go home... but what if you are already at home? People working from home often get sucked into doing one last task or one last email and this can add an hour onto their working day. It is so important that you learn how to switch off because if you don’t you can suffer from it both mentally and physically. 

Working from home and working in an office are different but not a world away from each other. If you can, try out both of these working methods and see which one of them suits you the best this year and going forward.

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