5 Things You MUST Do to Keep Your Customers


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When you’re growing your business, your main focus is probably acquiring more customers and generating higher profits. However, retaining existing customers is almost always more important than acquiring new ones. Customer retention is typically more cost-effective than customer acquisition and securing repeat business enables you to build a long-term relationship and boost brand loyalty. To keep your retention rate high, take a look at the five things you must do to keep your customers:

1. Deliver Great Customer Service

If your customers don’t feel valued, they won’t keep engaging with your brand. When competitors are vying for business, don’t give them the advantage of stealing the customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Delivering great customer service doesn’t have to be complicated but it’s something that many firms overlook. By making it easy for customers to contact you, responding efficiently, and providing meaningful and effective resolutions, you can make outstanding customer care one of your USPs.

2. Secure Your Websites

Online shopping may be on the rise, but users are savvy and won’t risk using a website that doesn’t seem secure. From a managed VPS to minimize downtime to SSL certificates to publicize security measures, you can show your customers just how important their security is to your business. Whether you offer eCommerce facilities or your website acts as a gateway to your business, it’s essential to showcase your security and reliability online.

3. Reward Loyalty

When customers are loyal to your brand, be sure to recognize it and reward them accordingly. Access to VIP sales, discount codes on their next purchase and even dedicated apps for brand ambassadors are just some of the ways you can encourage customers to increase their lifetime value and reward their on-going loyalty.

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4. Ask for Feedback

Companies that reduce pain points and make it easier for their customers to achieve their goals typically perform better. By asking for feedback, you can determine what pain points customers experience when engaging with your company or with your competitors. By addressing these and offering an effective solution, you’re showcasing the fact that you listen to your customer base and providing them with the services and facilities they desire.

5. Increase Personalization

If you’ve spent any time marketing your brand in the last 12-months, you’ll know that personalization is a critical component of successful campaigns. By increasing personalization, you can engage with customers more effectively and make them feel valued. Furthermore, personalization enables you to deliver content that’s perfectly tailored to individual users, which boosts sales and, therefore, increases your profitability.

Maximizing Customer Retention

When you maximize customer retention rates, you can grow your business with minimal investment. As retaining customers is generally cheaper than acquiring customers, it’s the most cost-effective way for your business to generate sales. By focusing on what you can do to keep customers, you can increase revenue and boost your ROI. What’s more – as a customer’s lifetime value increases, the return on your investment continues to grow. For long-term success, prioritizing customer retention will always stand you in good stead.

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