Keep Your Staff Motivated For Greatness

Time To Incentify Your Staff 

When you have a business, the most important thing is to keep your staff happy. Without staff motivation then you risk an entire team crumbling around you and often with the finances going the same way. Trying to keep them on their toes and motivated isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be a huge task either. Communication is the key as well as ensuring that all your staff are happy and their needs are met. Within reason of course. However, their welfare is vital to ensure a smooth running operation.  It’s so important to look at a number of things such as how they are working, what they may need to work better and what you can do as a boss to really make them feel more incentified. These can be small or large but either way, having a little bit of something to give back will really make them smile. 

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What keeps staff happy?

Why do your staff keep setting their morning alarms for 6am? Is it because they just want the paycheck at the end of the month or is it because they actually enjoy going to work? That is why it’s so important to check in on them and see what’s going wrong and what’s going right. What helps your employees feel good and what gives them job satisfaction? It’s simple really:

  • Create community - the most fulfilling part of a job is feeling as though you are part of a bigger network - a team that is creating something important to society or to a chosen niche. Creating community within the office space will help your staff feel motivated too which is why keeping the office fun and fresh is important. Offer free food and drink where possible and other little treats, such as pizza fridays or something where you can give back to the staff that work for you. 

  • Keep them feeling healthy - working nine to five can be a slog for workers, and it can take a toll on their physical and mental health. Giving them something to aid them with this could be very beneficial. You may want to look into something such as Medifit.

  • Make them feel as if they are needed - take the time to start talking to your staff and catching up with them at monthly meetings, one to one if possible. Make them feel human because it may feel to them that they are not. A lot of workers say that they feel unrecognised and also demotivated by the way in which their managers treat them. Some do not even know their names which makes them feel lost. Give them recognition for all the good work and take the time to spend ten minutes or so out of the day to chat to them, if possible.  

It doesn't have to be a mammoth task but it sure does make a world of difference as to how people see themselves in your company and where they may like to go in the future within your company. 

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