4 Ways To Create A Picture-Perfect Brand

The image that you give off impacts your chances of success more than anything else. A company that doesn’t portray a positive image can’t convince customers and clients to stick around long enough to convert. Your bounce rate will skyrocket, and the resources you’ve invested will be wasted.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the internet, you can create a picture-perfect image for your brand via images and multimedia. Whether directly or indirectly, they reflect everything you stand for, business-wise and other, so it’s essential to take this branch of business seriously.

Here are four easy and accessible avenues for every company, big and small.

Splurge On Experts

With the likes of free imaging and video platforms such as Pexels and YouTube, it’s tempting to assume that you can keep your multimedia branding in-house. After all, they’re straightforward to source and embed, and the quality is pretty good. Of course, nothing beats professional photographers and video production that understand the dynamics of the art form, as well as how to imbue your marketing pieces with your ToV. They seem like an indulgent expense, yet the money they’ll help you make through sales and conversions will far outweigh what you spend on professional services.

Ask People What They Want To See

If you’re not using Pinterest to its full ability, you could be missing out on lucrative advertising opportunities. Of course, merely opening an account and posting pictures doesn’t guarantee success. To be successful, you’ve got to fill a gap or provide audiences with what they want, or else they’ll lose interest. An excellent way to do this is to combine traditional social media platforms with imaging ones. For instance, you can actively ask followers on Twitter and Facebook what they would like to scroll through on Pinterest and Instagram.

Don’t Get Too Familiar

The main feature of Instagram, apart from posting videos and images, is to connect brands and customers like never before. Today, your followers can message you directly and get a response, which was unthinkable a decade or two ago. However, you must be careful as this power is a gift and a curse. Although you love the fact that you can enhance your customer service solution, you should avoid getting too familiar. Losing your patience and responding to trolls might be cathartic, but it will only backfire when the thread goes viral. The same applies to media that isn’t on brand and is close to the bone.

Save Your Best Content For Paid Ads

Again, paying for a service that you can do yourself won’t feel like it’s a savvy move. Still, Pay Per Click advertising is an effective way to promote content to audiences as you’re guaranteed to boost the viewing rates. Once you realize this, you should also recognize the importance of only putting your best content in front of a wide audience. Mediocre ads seen by more people will hurt your reputation more than mediocre adverts viewed by a smaller portion of your base. 

Is your branding picture-perfect? Are you using social media and imaging platforms effectively?

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