Spotting A Poor Quality SEO Agency

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Nowadays, there are a huge number of SEO companies to choose from. Many entrepreneurs have capitalised on the dominance of the Internet. However, not all of these companies offer the expert services you need to take your business to the next level online. So, how do you spot a bad SEO agency? Here are some telltale signs that the company you are working with or considering hiring should be avoided…

They claim to have a relationship with Google

No company has a ‘relationship’ with any search engine! You can’t get to the top spot with ‘connections’ – this is just a marketing ploy to lure you in. The only way to increase your search engine ranking is through hard work and an expert strategy.

They promise quick results

Quick results can only be achieved through black hat techniques, which will ultimately result in your website being penalised. By this point, the company will have already taken your money. You need a company that focuses on building organic and natural SEO results.

They do not carry out an SEO audit

How are they going to make sure that your SEO strategy is improved if they do not know how you are performing at present? You can click here for more information on audits and why they are beneficial. 

They prioritise traffic over revenue/conversion rates

If they talk about increasing traffic instead of increasing revenue/conversion rates, this is a bad sign. Great, you’ve got more traffic, but what if these people leave your website without buying anything or taking any sort of action? It doesn’t benefit you, does it? A good SEO company will increase your bottom line.

They have no knowledge of on-site SEO or technical SEO

If they cannot answer any questions about on-site SEO or technical SEO, this is one of the best ways to determine whether an SEO company knows its stuff or not. Ask them some technical questions or what strategy they will implement for your on-site SEO. You will quickly be able to tell whether they know their stuff or not.

They keyword stuff

When you read the content that has been put together, it is evident that they have stuffed keywords in with little thought for how the piece reads. Take a look at some of the clients they have worked for, and read the blogs or on-site content they have produced. Does it read naturally or does it come across as spam? Keyword stuffing is just one of a number of black hat SEO techniques, and you should never choose an agency that operates in this way.

So there you have it: the key signs of a bad SEO company. If you notice any of the signs that have been discussed above, the best thing to do is look for another SEO company instead. After all, you cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to your marketing strategy and making a difference online.

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