How to Convert Your Garage Into a Home Office


If you’ve been dreaming of building the perfect home office, now is the time to get started. Two major outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic are that people are working from home more frequently, and you have a lot more spare time on your hands. You may never again get such an opportunity to create the perfect working environment.

When selecting an area of your home to convert, the garage is an obvious choice. It is usually one of the most underused areas of a property and offers plenty of space to work with. It is also generally separated from the rest of the house, meaning there will be minimal noise from family members and less temptation to distract yourself with snacks or television.

Your garage is a prime piece of real estate, but it will take some work to turn it into your dream workspace. If it is like most garages across the country, it is no doubt covered with dust and cobwebs and full to the brim with old power tools and cardboard boxes. Converting a garage is a demanding task requiring a great deal of planning and ingenuity but done right, it will transform your unused space into something incredible.

If you are considering converting your garage into a home office, here are a few tips to get you started.


It seems obvious, but the first step is to clear out your garage. Most households use it as a storage space to hide old and broken possessions out of the way, but you’ll have to change this mindset if you want to create the optimum working conditions. Be strict about what you throw out and avoid the temptation to hoard. If it’s broken or unused, why keep it? Be minimalist with what you choose to keep.

Lay the foundations

Now that you have cleared everything out, you will need to make your garage into a livable place. The floor is usually an excellent place to start. Most garages come as standard with a dusty concrete floor, but there are so many alternatives that are far more aesthetically pleasing. It won’t be too much work to install some floor tiles or carpet, and this will instantly make it a more pleasant environment to spend time in. Most garages are poorly insulated so consider replacing the windows and adding some insulation to keep it warm and cosy in the winter months.

Add some style

With the basics complete, it’s time to make the room your own. Paint the walls to add some colour to your space, opting for a neutral palette to keep it relaxed or a more vibrant colour scheme if you are after a more energetic working environment. Add furniture such as a desk, chairs and cabinets, and inject a personal touch with some of your favourite artwork and decorations. 

Get creative with storage

Now that your garage no longer functions as a garage, you may need a place to store all the tools and household items you haven’t thrown away. By adding some discreet storage solutions to your new workspace, you can have the best of both worlds. Vertical storage such as high shelves is the best way to keep your old welding torches and power drills out of the way until you need them. But if you have the budget for it, underfloor storage can be an almost unnoticeable solution.

A garage is a blank canvas, presenting an opportunity to create whatever you want. Start slow and plan ahead, and you will soon have the office of your dreams.

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