Answers The Questions You Didn't Know Your Customers Had

Your customers expect transparent communication and interactions with your business. As such, each company has a responsibility to preserve and maintain the relationship with the customers. Strategies, however, differ significantly. It’s fair to say that at the age of digital communication and fast-paced messaging, customers are reluctant to forgive businesses that fail to meet their communication needs. The bottom line: Your customers need to be kept in the loop. 

What this means goes far beyond keeping them informed when their order is processed or shipped. To encourage trust and loyalty, your business needs to answer the questions your customers have not yet asked. How can you make sure people always know what is happening with the company? 

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Encourage them to get in touch

There’s no secret: you can create an FAQ page to address the points that you assume will be the most common queries. However, chances are that even the best FAQ pages will fail to answer specific questions. How can your company best address the issue? Some websites have an ever-growing FAQ page that uses a search function to guide visitors to the answer they need. However, when the page gets too complex, it can backfire. Instead, it’s a good idea to rely on a live chat function that keeps you informed in real-time. When a customer asks something, the chat software can direct them to a live agent – you can click here for more info on how to implement a live chat function. You can also introduce dedicated #hashtags on social media to spot unusual queries. 

Make sure there’s always someone to answer questions

Who is the right interlocutor? 

A lot of companies spend a lot of time choosing customer service professionals, only to realise too late that some questions are beyond their knowledge. Ideally, you want a dedicated customer service team that can address more frequent issues and matters. However, it can be beneficial to get the rest of the business involved to tackle new queries or address issues with the customer service process. For instance, the customer service team is bound by return policies. However, a manager could be willing to make an exception for a delayed return if there is a genuine reason. 

Set up regular updates

Email updates can be a life-saver to keep your customers engaged. Most people need reminders about their abandoned cart or eCommerce deliveries. You have to appreciate that online customers tend to multitask. They may come across issues or queries in the process. However, if they can’t find an immediate answer, they’re likely to stop shopping. An abandoned basket email can remind them of your brand and address most common queries, such as delivery time, payment methods, and waiting lists. It can be enough to encourage them to complete the transaction. 

Never VIP your big news

How do your customers know about your latest offers? Because you’ve told them! An announcement email to launch a product can not only get people excited about your business but also keep them informed about your operations. Companies that choose to tell only a selected group of customers essentially are excluding customers from their news. 

Maintaining a strong communication strategy with your customers helps your business to stay relevant. More importantly, when you design your activities to promote interactions, you are in a better position to spot new queries and tackle them before they become an issue.

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