5 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Office


To achieve innovation, originality and success, businesses must find ways to maximize their productivity. We all have creative lulls now and then, and once you’ve lost your focus it can be difficult to get it back. There are several simple ways that you can help your team to reach their full potential and remain productive throughout the working week.

1 . Productivity boosting tools

There are many tools which can help you to improve productivity in your office. One example is Rescue Time, it’s a time management app which tracks computer usage and provides productivity insights. The app works by monitoring websites visited, computer activities and windows active. Employees can view their time management data in the form of graphs, to gain a clear picture of their days. Zapier is another excellent tool for productivity because this tool can help staff to use all of their apps together. Zapier uses digital task maps referred to as zaps, to integrate whichever applications you choose.

2. Productivity boosting gadgets 

The Saent tool is a large digital button that employees can keep on their desks. The first job of this button is to block apps or websites that are non work related, and therefore distracting. Saent provides reports on productivity, and uses light cues to show your co-workers that you are free for conversation, or shouldn’t be disturbed. Under desk bikes are also a great productivity boosting gadget, the light exercise helps staff to remain alert and energized.

3. Improve design & layout

The layout and design of your office has a direct impact on staff productivity. It’s useful to design different types of work spaces to complement working styles. Open plan spaces are useful for collaboration and the best use of natural light. You should also provide secluded booths and rooms, for those who work better in silence. While you are improving your design, ensure that you have provided ergonomic workstations to protect the health of your staff. 

4. Art & color

A drab workspace does nothing for productivity, if you want employees to produce creative work you’ve got to give them a space that encourages creativity. Choosing the right artwork is important, corporate art can be difficult to decide on, which is why the services of an art consultant can be helpful. Decorate your office in bright colors to inspire creative energy, including yellow, green or red. It’s best to mix these colours with white spaces to avoid a visually intense design.

5. Healthy & eco-friendly 

A healthy and eco-friendly office impacts on both productivity and morale. Use an air purifier to remove toxins from your air, plants are also a useful way to do this. When you are choosing your hardware and materials, look for eco-friendly options wherever possible. Put strict recycling policies in place and eliminate single use items from your day-to-day.

Many of us are still working from home, and so there’s still time to renovate your office before your staff are back to work!

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