10 Ways to Make Use of QR Codes as a Small Business

QR codes have always been an amazing addition to any small business. When used in creative ways, they can help you achieve everything from saving money to creating effective marketing campaigns. But what does it mean to make effective use of QR codes? How exactly can they be used? In this post, we’ll be offering ten suggestions on how you can make use of QR codes as a small business.

1. Using them on product packaging

QR codes are a great way to fit lots of information in a tiny space. You can put a link to your product information by simply using a QR code.

2. On business cards

Another great place to put coupon codes is on your business cards. They can be used as a substitute for linking to your contact information or website.

3. On physical advertising materials

If you have a fairly long website name or a specific link you want to direct your audience to, then using QR codes on physical advertising materials is a fantastic way to make the process easier.

4. Use QR codes to download apps

A modern way to use QR codes would be to link them to download pages to start a download for an app. This is great when used together with an app that your business uses for products or services.

5. As a coupon code

Smart use of a QR code maker will allow you to create coupon codes and share deals on physical products. For example, you can print special vouchers with unique QR codes that can be used to download special items such as music, or even be used as discount codes for your website.

6. QR codes for locations

QR codes are a convenient way to link someone to a location. This is a great way to show people where your business is if you’re using printed media to advertise.

7. Take customers to social media pages

Another good way to make use of QR codes is to direct your customers to social media accounts such as your Facebook page. This can typically be used on any kind of printed media so that your customers don’t have to type the entire name.

8. QR codes to share documents

Document links can be surprisingly long, especially if you’re using a cloud service such as Google Docs. To make things easier, you can shorten these links to QR codes and then share them with colleagues to make collaboration easier.

9. QR codes on promotional materials

Whether it’s a shirt with your business logo or a battery bank, promotional materials that you give away can have QR codes printed on them for a bit of extra exposure.

10. Authorising WiFi with QR codes

QR codes can actually be used to store WiFi network authentication details. This is great for stores that want to offer free in-store WiFi but don’t want people abusing it if they’re not in the store.

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