What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Recruiter?

For many businesses, recruitment is a constant battle. Employee turnover and business growth can leave you with seemingly permanent job openings that all require hours of admin and interviews to fill. Most businesses start out trying to handle their recruitment themselves but there is another option - hiring a recruiter. Recruiters seem to have gotten a bit of a bad name for themselves, which ultimately lies in the fact that they earn money when a business takes a candidate put forward to them - but before you cast a recruiter aside because of the notion that they charge a fee, here are a few benefits you could be missing out on. 

Recruiters save you time

In business time is money, so can you really afford to spend your time trawling through CV’s trying to find candidates that meet your job requirements? The chances are that the answer is no. Recruiters will search for and find candidates that meet your job description, ensuring you only see the resumes of those candidates that meet your requirements. You can then take over at the interview stage and, if you like the candidate, then it’s only right that the recruiter is paid for their time and effort if you hire them. 

Recruiters know where to look

You may post your job advertisement on your website, social media and a few online job boards but these will only work if the candidate you need is actively searching in these areas. Recruiters go one further by seeking out candidates who may not have even seen your job advertisement, in fact, some of them may not actively be looking for work. Recruiters look on LinkedIn and other platforms to find ideal candidates and aren’t afraid to approach them to see if they will leave their current role if yours is more suitable. 

Recruiters can be specialists 

If you’re a medical company then it can be beneficial to hire a recruitment agency who are specialists in medical recruitment. Recruiters specialize in a number of sectors, learning where to find the best candidates and what to look for on their CV’s to ensure that they give their sector-specific clients the best service. Sector-specific recruiters also often have an established network of individuals whom they can call on if the right opportunity comes available, increasing your chance of finding the top talent. 

Recruiters can save you money

The fee a recruiter charges for their services may seem expensive, but once you add up the cost of the time you would have spent reading CV’s and searching for candidates, plus the cost of creating a shortlist, the chances are the recruiter actually ends up cheaper. Recruiters become an even greater value for money when you also add in the cost of hiring someone who isn’t right for the job, ultimately also costing you in training costs and then in recruitment fees when you have to find a more competent replacement. 
So, the next time you receive a CV through from a recruiter or a recruitment agency asks if you need help with your job search, don’t dismiss them straight away and you may never have to go through the pain of conducting recruitment yourself again. 

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