Why Investing Abroad is The Best Decision You Can Make

Deciding on holiday destinations is hardly a hardship, if anything it’s an immense privilege but when you have a little extra cash in the bank and are looking to combine a great investment with a place in the sun, buying up a holiday home sounds like a great plan.

In this blog, we take a look at three reasons why a second home abroad is the ideal route for investors and those looking for their own hideaway in a beautiful location.

As a Working Investment

Just because it’s a holiday home there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work to make money for you. Dodgy timeshare schemes are a thing of the past, now we’re looking at smart investments in resorts or bespoke builds that command a year rental income in the likes of Spain, Italy or further afield in South Africa.

Just make sure to combine the best of both worlds and choose a location that will work for you and your family as a holiday destination as well as a money making investment.

If you’re looking at something like a ski chalet, then location is everything, less so if you’re looking at a year-round destination, so how about grabbing a luxury apartment in Marbella and signing up to sites like Airbnb to promote those empty weeks and get it filled throughout the year.

Image from Pixabay: CC0 licence

Bespoke Build

One area that many investors are exploring is that of building a bespoke home in countries where new builds are markedly cheaper than their home country. In fact there are countries that positively encourage the investment of foreign investors and make it easy to get a mortgage or loan against the property.

Do some research and discover which parts of the world are perfect for property investment. You’ll even be able to find building and architecture firms that work exclusively with foreign investors to make sure that all the legal boxes are ticked and building regulations adhered to.

Just For You

Of course you may just want to invest in a second home abroad as an investment for your own future. Somewhere to retire to, somewhere to allow a select list of family and friends access to and somewhere you can escape to at a moment’s notice.

When you’ve got some extra money and want to put it into something that will last, bricks and mortar is always a good option.
Find a location that you love and will want to revisit year after year but also have an eye out for the sort of location that could turn your holiday home into a decent income generator, should you need to. Make sure to find trustworthy representation to help you through the buying process and make sure that you are compliant in your country of choice as well as in your own when it comes to tax and so on. Then sit back knowing that you can jet off to your own private place in the sun at any time and turn that investment into a pension well worth having.

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