Knowing When It’s The Right Time To Recruit

As a business, recruitment is such an important element of growing the business, so you want to make sure you’re doing it at the right time and in the right way. Here are some tips for knowing when it’s the right time to recruit.

Your Current Staff Are Overworked
Your staff are going to be vocal about certain aspects of their work, and they’ll certainly be the first ones to tell you when they’re overworked. As a business grows and takes on more work, although the amount of work increases, the staffing won’t until it has to. To avoid your staff becoming overworked, you want to check in with your staff on a regular basis to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the added workload that might have recently come about. If your staff are complaining that they’re being asked of too much for the pay they get, then that’s another issue. However, if they’re saying that they’re struggling to do what you’re asking with the time they have in the day, then it might be a sign that recruitment is necessary. Again, if it’s more an issue of not being paid enough, then you’re going to save more money by giving your staff a pay increase until they tell you that the work isn’t possible to do within the working day.

There’s Certain Skill Sets Missing
Everyone has certain talents and skills, and for your staff, this might improve if you’re willing to invest in training and courses. However, there may come the point in your company where the work that comes in is needing a whole new skill set that your current staff members just don’t have the qualifications you need. Everyone who comes into your organization needs to bring something new to the table and that’s important when it comes to recruitment. No matter what their position is, they need to have some new that they can provide to the company. It all helps in order to add growth and diversity to your staffing. Also, you want to be careful that you are not putting too much pressure on your current staff because you never know what problems they are experiencing within the workplace. So much so that some employees end up going to the top employment solicitors to seek action for mistreatment and abuse in the workplace.

Outsourcing Isn’t Providing Enough
Outsourcing is a useful opportunity for any business to take advantage of because it provides extra support without having to put someone on your staff list officially. Whether it’s accountants to handle your finances or a social media manager to look after your social areas of the brand, outsourcing is useful. However, outsourcing can be expensive if what you are after changes and becomes a task that would fill a person’s whole day, five days a week. That effectively is a full-time job, but you’re likely paying a lot more for it. So look at what you currently outsource and see if there needs to be a change.

You’ve Got The Financial Ability
Not every company has the opportunity to hire more staff. It’s not always something that’s financially possible because with each staff member comes to a responsibility to contribute towards pensions and to offer other employee benefits. For some businesses that might not always be possible. However, it’s good to reflect and look at the current financial year to see what can be offered. You may find that even though the money could be spent elsewhere, it might be at a point where you would get more value from an extra member of staff. Always factor in the financial aspects when looking to recruit. It does cost you a fair bit to advertise and to find the right candidate.

Customer Service Is Poor
Whenever things are going downhill in a business, the first thing that takes a knock is customer service. Whether you had staff looking after customer service exclusively or you used existing employees to do it as part of their job, customer service will always be made less of a priority. It’s also a sign that your staff are certainly being overworked or their attitude to customer service needs some additional training. Whatever the case may be, you do not want it to fall apart.

Knowing when the right time to recruit is important, but it’s also good to make sure you do that recruitment process properly and invest a good amount of time into each and every recruitment drive you do.

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