Three Reasons a Website is a Must for Contractors

Not every business owner wants to spend their time setting up a website and working out how to create and post content and yet even the kinds of jobs that are judged on the end result, such as plumbing or an electrical company, require some kind of website that allows people to find them on Google and get in touch via email.

If you’re a contractor and not convinced about your need for a website, let alone a blog, we give you three good reasons why a killer website can transform your business and why it’s worth investing the money.

Image courtesy of Pixabay: CC0 licence

You Get Seen

By who you might wonder. Quite simply by anyone who enters a Google search that asks for contractors in their area. One of the best ways to get found is to make sure your address and mapped location is on your website, ready to be found by your local customers.

You Become Relevant

It might seem counterintuitive to post advice about how to unblock a drain or change a fuse but if you can keep and update a blog post regularly then your website is going to work even harder for you.

Google likes websites that produce good quality content and that are regularly updated. Your customers like that they can visit your site for helpful advice and when that advice doesn’t quite solve their problem, they like that your contact details are right there so they can call you up or email you with a query.

You Inspire Trust

For a start maintaining a website shows that you’re a modern business, that you recognise people’s need and habit of searching online first and foremost.

Secondly, a website allows you to speak to your customers even before you pick up a phone. Your website can help you to present your values and your practices and show customers exactly why they should pick a trustworthy company such as Toscano Plumbing over and above someone who just advertisers in the local paper with a name and a number.

Those days are long gone. Your customers want to see what other people write and think about you. They want to see testimony that proves you’re reliable and that you’d be recommended by their peers. That word of mouth is everything and your website is the perfect chance to showcase it.

If you’re ambitious and want to take your business up a level, don’t just rely on your reputation and word of mouth, shout about them from your own professionally-designed website. Get a great designer on board who understands what it is you need to promote and start the process of getting found on Google. Consider starting a blog, or outsourcing the work to create a regular, reliable body of content that shouts your name.

Build trust, build a following and ultimately build your business as you get to grips with building a website that will accelerate your business and take you to the next level.

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