3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Data Safe

If you have recently launched your own startup, the chances are that you are concerned with funding, digital marketing and honing your brand. The concept of cybersecurity probably hasn’t even entered your head yet. However, with hackers and online fraudsters on the increase, it is more vital than ever that you can protect your business assets. If large organizations like the NHS in the United Kingdom can be hit by a malware attack, what makes you think that your small enterprise cannot be struck? Take a look at these simple ways that can help you to keep your data safe.

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If you have honed the perfect cohesive team, you need to consider training your staff so that they all adhere to a company cybersecurity policy. You need to employ the services of a specialist training provider who can come to your business and deliver annual refresher training. This way, you will hit all new starters and staff veterans. At the very least, your team needs to understand the importance of random twelve character passwords that are changed regularly, not opening dodgy looking emails and not clicking on pop ups. Nowadays, most computer viruses infect networks because of a human action. You need to prevent this through training and making sure that you have cybersecurity high up on your business agenda. Complacency is the worst thing that can infect your workplace. If your staff spot anything dodgy, ensure that they feel empowered to notify you so that you can mitigate any security risks.


As a newbie entrepreneur, you are probably used to being a specialist in a certain field, whether this is finance, marketing or accountancy. Cybersecurity might be a very alien concept to you. As such, it may be best for you to outsource your asset protection requirements to a firm like Kytec who can work with you to regularly back up your data and deploy security measures to ensure the protection of confidential documents. This can be a wise way to spend your money. Any threats that do come your way can be neutralized by your outsourced cybersecurity provider.

Need To Know

As an entrepreneur, there will be times where you need to delegate activities and business tasks. This means more pairs of eyes need to access sensitive data. Ensure that this remains on a need to know basis rather than giving access to all. If you welcome flexible working into your place of work, this means that your staff can access documents over the unsecured network of their favorite coffee shop. This leaves your assets open to hackers. Ensure the most sensitive data can only be accessed on site. Make sure that your staff team are aware of this policy. 

The data that you have needs to be encrypted and protected by a firewall. Regular backups will also mean that, should you be hit by a cyberattack, you can continue trading. Follow this guide and ensure that your business is not just financially secure, but also cyber secure.

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