How To Set Up A Garage

Whether you have always loved being under the hood of a car or if you have experience of repairing vehicles, owning and managing your own repairs garage may be a great business opportunity for you. With more cars than ever on the roads, it is an industry that promises to be lucrative if you go about setting up your business in the right ways. 

Where To Start On Your Journey

If you plan on entering this industry there are several different routes that you may want to consider, each one will offer its own benefits and challenges. The first option that may be open to you is to buy an existing business. A garage that has been open for many years may well come up for sale if the owner is choosing to retire or move onto other projects. This offers the potential of buying everything lock stock and barrel. You will get the premises, the tools, customer loyalty, and potentially any employees that work there already. This is a great short cut to take. The downsides to this may surround the reputation of the business, and the fact that you will inherit any trading problems that it may be currently facing. 

A second option may be to open a franchise of an existing successful chain. You will get some degree of autonomy in running the business, and you will benefit from being part of a known brand and the potential support that may be on offer from the parent company. The downsides to this are that you will need to share the profits. You also may not get a say in many of the aspects of the services, and prices, and you will need to adhere to a brand standard in everything that you do. 

The third option is to start your business from scratch. You will get full autonomy and any profits will be yours to do what you want with. This is a tough and expensive option as you will need to fund the entire project yourself and then build up the business from nothing. The rewards may well be greater overall though.

Issues That You Need To Factor

There will be many factors that you will need to consider. Firstly, if you plan on doing road safety inspections you may well need to be licensed by the authorities to offer vehicle testing. You will need to have a way of dealing with hazardous waste disposal and you will need to have systems in place for managing your paperwork and taxes. 

Drumming Up Trade

While historically many automotive businesses operated predominantly on word of mouth or reputation, these days much of your trade may be found through other means. Ensuring your company has a full and informative website detailing all of your services is vital. You should also make sure that you are on social media and that you engage in local search engine optimization techniques and get yourself listed on Google as well as every business listing site that is applicable to your business and the local area. 

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