How To Celebrate The End Of The Year WIth Your Company

As the end of the year draws closer, it's time to celebrate the work you have done and everything your company has achieved this year. You'll likely be having a Christmas celebration, but how can you incorporate the end of year celebrations in that too? Here are a few ideas in case you get stuck.

Be Vocal
Whatever you choose to do as a party or celebration, one thing you must do is to make sure you thank and congratulate your team members for anything in particular that they have achieved in the past year. You could even do office awards - serious and a few fun ones too. Keep it positive as you can have a performance review with everyone and set goals at the beginning of the year when you're all back after the holidays and pumped to get started again. 
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Set Goals
Set company goals for the year ahead and let everyone know about it. Perhaps you could hire a conference venue during the day to talk about the business side of things and then go on to party in the evening. Make sure everyone is happy with the goals, give them a chance to voice their opinions, and get everything ironed out before the holidays. 

Shout About It On Social Media
Show the world some of your highlights and successes from the year by using your social media network and followers. Whether it's a #tbt of team events, team milestones, or maybe even a video to recap the great year you had. Show your network why your year, your employees, and your company culture was awesome.

As mentioned, you'll probably be doing something for Christmas, but you don't have to focus on the Christmas aspect of it, more so the end of year aspect. You could go all out with a black-tie dinner and ball or do something fun like bowling together and then go for a meal and drinks. After a long year, then it's a great way to de-stress, show your appreciation, and get people excited about what's to come.

Consider Your Culture
When planning whatever it is, you're going to do, make sure that it fits the culture of your organization. It could be an activity such as a day trip to a national park for hiking or bike riding. If this isn't really fitting, then how about renting out a cinema? There really are loads of things you can do, and whether your company is big or small, you might want to invite your employees' family too or keep it to employees. Whatever you think works for the people who work for you.

Time It Well
Don't forget that the end of the year is a busy time for just about everybody, so it's vital that you plan your celebrations in advance. You need to ensure that you get a suitable date that everyone can make and have plenty of options to choose from so that you go out of 2019 in style.

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