4 Reasons Why Employees Hate The Office

You’re running a tight business with a talented team. However, if you’re struggling to keep your best talents, you might want to review some potential issues. Typically, the most common areas of improvement, for new businesses, could have to do with the uncertainty of their situation. Startups and young companies face a high risk of shutting down within the first few years of launch. As a result, it’s not uncommon for experts to keep their eyes open for new positions with established companies. However, when the business is flourishing and growing, you need to focus your attention on other potential culprits. Indeed, your workplace setting could be the cause of your employees’ discomfort. Indeed, you can’t afford to neglect your office interior. 

It feels like a prison
Your employees spend 8 to 10 hours a day at the office. The last thing they want is to feel confined in a cramped space. However, it can be challenging for small businesses to be able to afford cosy office space. However, ensuring that your workplace moves away from tiny cubicles and add plenty of fresh touches can help your team to feel welcome. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy office space! The addition of green plants can increase the level of oxygen indoors, making the workplace feel virtually bigger than it is in reality. 

It could do with some cleaning
In a small office, your bathroom area will be shared between the team. As a result, it’s fair to say that the same toilet booth can be used dozens of times in the same day. Therefore, it’s crucial for the team morale to keep the areas of heavy passage clean by working with trained commercial cleaners who can ensure your facilities stay hygienic and spotless. Ultimately, a dirty bathroom area is not just unpleasant. It can facilitate the spread of germs. 

They feel exposed every day
Your employees don’t want to be trapped in a cubicle area. However, they dislike the lack of privacy that open space offices create. Indeed, people feel uncomfortable when others can look at their screens. Indeed, it can be tricky to maintain your concentration when you feel observed. Additionally, depending on the type of tasks or research involved, your team might be worried about which website they consult. Additionally, employees want to be able to use their free time, at lunch, or as a short break, to check their personal emails, for instance. An open space setting that exposes screen activities makes them feel vulnerable and ultimately drives them away. 

You don’t value relaxing
Last but not least, your office needs a rest area where your team can recharge their batteries. A small kitchen equipped with a microwave and a coffee machine doesn’t provide the relaxation they need. Your office should offer a space where employees can sit down, chat, or enjoy a snack without feeling rushed to go back to the desk. Ultimately, your team needs regular breaks throughout the day; therefore, the break room is essential. 

Your office should be an inviting place that supports your employees' growth and needs. It needs to act as a home away from home, introducing the level of trust and comfort that people need to want to stay around! 

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