Starting A Pharmacy Business

There are many reasons that people want to venture into the medical sector, not least of all is the money. It can be pretty lucrative. However, it is about the care of people who need it first and foremost. However, even the smallest of pharmacy businesses is not a trivial undertaking. There are a few options for moving forward with the company. One is to purchase a pharmacy that is already running; the other is to start from scratch. The most significant difference between the two is that the first months in the ‘from scratch’ option will see less of an income and perhaps not a profit until deep into 7-9 months. 

You will likely be running with an independent pharmacy rather than working under the umbrella of a larger company. At least for this article that is the approach we are going to take. 


Before any business is launched, the people who will be running, operating, and name on the papers need to be ready. If you have experience in any business field, then that will serve you very well. However, it would help if before you decided to open a pharmacy, you got some experience of working in one. Each pharmacy will have regular local customers, and loyalty is built over the years. So you’ll have to learn the area and the market you are going to enter long in advance. Be prepared mentally and financially to make the leap. 


A vital component of all successful businesses. You’ll want to do a deep dive into the world of medicine and how different drug companies As well as the qualifications that you or your staff should have. The best thing you can do is head to events where drug companies are presenting and start to speak to other pharmacy owners. There is nothing like getting information and advice from people already in the field. Looking at the financial information about pharmacies and the industry as a whole will pay dividends. 

Pharmacy Types

This is important. There are different types you can start. As mentioned previously, you might opt to head down the path of a franchise, which is a great way to get experience ahead of opening your independent pharmacy. Most people would rather start their own. If you are going to do that, and most likely you should, you’ll get to nurture the business from the beginning. There are few options when it comes to providing patient-care services, here are some worth your consideration:

  • Long-term illness management
  • Immunizations
  • Fusion therapies
  • Asthma, Eczema, and hayfever management
  • Blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screenings
  • Diabetic clinic and screening

You’ll need to decide what is necessary for the area, and the equipment or machinery you’ll need to provide these services. In most cases, you’ll need testing strips, software, and a pharmacy fridge as a minimum. 

During the research period, you will have a good indicator of which ailments people have in the local area, and which services are best suited. 


Some businesses will need a lot of legal work. For a pharmacy, you have access to private medical requirements and other personal details. As well as registering with all of the applicable bodies, a lawyer will be able to guide you in the right direction to manage your business and patient records as you grow. 

Generally, you will be advised that an LLC is probably best for you. 


Pharmacies are somewhere people are now going when they can’t get a doctors appointment. The staff is trusted by the public to provide the right information to help them solve any health issues. That puts you and your team in a pretty exposed position. There are two very common allegations against pharmacists. One is the wrong drug given, and the other is the wrong dose. It would be best if you talked to an insurance specialist, but you will need to consider these forms of insurance:

  • Data compromise coverage
  • Business property coverage
  • Professional Liability cover
  • General Liability coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Workers Compensation coverage


There are very few bricks and mortar businesses that can launch without some sort of financial injection. You will probably be required to add some of your personal cash into the pot, but after that, you should be looking into business loans. There are business loans that apply to the medical sector, and alongside that, you should research medical business grants. This will help with arranging your supplies, staff, and kitting out your pharmacy. 


Unfortunately, this isn’t the time to give your friends and family a job to help out. You are likely going to need to be a licensed pharmacist yourself and have one or two in your staffing. Support staff should ideally be working towards something in the medical profession, be trustworthy and trained to handle the work. 


This is where all of the research that you did is going to pay off. Some drug companies for surpassing others in terms of speed of service and costing. You need to be able to order medicine on occasion and know that you can give the patient an idea of when it will in. There will also be a need for rush orders of medicine that you don’t have on-site - can you trust your parma-company to get it to you? 

There are some standard medicines that you will always have in like paracetamol, antibiotics, and other regularly prescribed medications. For the rest, you’ll need to put your research into action - and work with local doctor surgeries to get an idea of how much stock you will need. 

Aside from just medication, many pharmacies stock things like sexual health products, baby products, creams, and cough and cold medicines. Consider what you want to have in the storefront. 


You and your pharmacy are going to need a few licenses. Although this will vary from country to country, in general, you are going to need:

Those are just the basics. A marketing plan, branding considerations, name and how you will deal with payments are all things that you are going to need to think about too. Owning a pharmacy is unlike most other forms of retail because you build a more personal relationship with patients - and that takes time and care to get right.

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