Fun In The Workplace: Why It's Important For Your Business


Fun in the workplace? 

Nonsense, you might be thinking. 

You have a job to do, and so do your employees. There's no time for fun, as targets won't be met and profits won't be made. You're running a business and not a fun factory!

Well, that might be your response. And in a way, we understand why you might think that way.

However, there are some very good reasons as to why you should add more fun to your workplace, and these are the reasons why.

#1: Stress will be reduced

Stress is part and parcel of most jobs, but if not taken seriously, it could put your business in jeopardy. Your employees might fall ill because of the way they feel, and they might have to take time off because of it. You might start to feel the effects too, and so, you might be forced to take time away from your business. 

One of the ways to counter stress is to create opportunities for more fun. So, you might take steps to improve the employee break room, perhaps by adding a football table or similar for some fun and friendly competition. Or you might hold more social events for your team. With a less stressed and happy workforce, there will be less sick days, and this can only be good news for your business.

#2: Productivity will increase

Considering our last point, this will be one positive inevitability. When your employees are happier and healthier, they are bound to work at a more productive rate. 

However, there is another way to increase productivity, and that is the promise of fun activities at the end of the week. Similar to the approach that teachers take with their students, you might plan fun activities for a Friday afternoon, under the proviso that the weekly targets have been met. So, you might set up a room for Giant Scalextric hire or some other such competitive activity, or you could all leave the office to take part in a fun activity elsewhere. Knowing that work has been completed for the week, you will all have the opportunity to unwind.

It's the 'carrot on a stick' concept, we know, but if you ever wanted to get your employees to work harder, adding more fun might be a cheaper and more interesting than simply offering the occasional cash bonus. 

#3: You will attract the best new hires

Why should somebody come to work for you? When prospective employees have a range of businesses to choose from, you have to do something special to attract them over to your side. 

Thankfully, you can do this with ease if you can showcase the fun within your business. You can let job seekers know this through the ads you place and the posts you put up on social media. You might also include employee testimonials on your website. When job seekers get a sense that it isn't just a case of 'all work and no play' in your business, then they might well favor your business over that of your dull and boring competitors. 

And so…

There are loads of fun activities here, so you won't be stuck for ideas. Have a look, and then make the relevant changes to your workplace if it is currently bordering on dullsville. Both your employees and your business will benefit in all the ways that we have suggested if you do.

Thanks for reading.

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