A Second Home: Making Your Office Space More Appealing

When it comes to going to work, not many people look forward to sitting down at their desk in their office each day. But as a boss, there are ways to make sure that the office is as inviting an environment as possible. Here are some tips on how you can do that…

Consider Lighting And Space
First of all make sure that you consider the lighting. If you have mostly overhead strip lighting, this can reflect off people’s computer screens and give them bad headaches. It can also make the office seem washed-out and pale and bleak, meaning that workers might start to feel discouraged and unhappy. Try to make use of natural light instead as much as you can - open blinds and shutters to let it stream in. You should also make sure that fresh air circulates in the office - you may think that air conditioning is the same, but it isn’t quite as good as having a window open! Finally, consider the spacing of the desks. People should have enough space to get up without bumping their chair into someone else’s, and to get through the desks without having to edge past corners. 

Make It More Secure
People need to feel safe and happy at work, and one way to ensure that is to make the office more secure. There are multiple ways to do this: first, you could consider hiring a person who sits at the door or a receptionist so that they can sign everybody in and out each day. If this isn’t something that would work for you, you could use ID badges that open the doors instead. ID badges are useful for any workplace - it means that everybody there is easily identifiable as an employee and everybody can tell who each other is.

Add A Recreational Space
There are few things quite as enjoyable as a recreational space in the office. It’s important to make sure you have an area where people can relax. During the day, that might mean a kitchen space where people can come and store and eat their lunches during the middle of the day. You could add counters and pub bar stools so that people can perch there together and socialise during lunch if they wish to. It’s also a good idea to add some sofas and other comfortable chairs so that people can relax together. If they get to know each other well when they aren’t working, chances are they may just be able to work together even more effectively. You could also consider a foosball table and other arcade games for people to enjoy during their down time - breaks are important.

What About Greenery? 
Finally, remember that your office should have a few decorations, and plants are the way forward. Not only do they provide valuable oxygen for the office but they also look attractive and will help the office to feel like a home. You could even provide a small outdoor area with plants where employees can go for a few minutes of contemplative time during the day if they feel stressed out.

An office doesn’t have to be an unpleasant environment - these tips should help out any boss who’s trying to make it more of a comfortable space. 

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