How Taking Care of Your Staff Can Help Your Bottom Line

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Taking care of your employees is not just about being likeable. Being a great employer can also have a positive knock-on effect throughout your business, and even help it to be more

Some leaders take the attitude that employees should be pleased to have a job, and that as long as they are being paid, they should be working their hardest. However, managing a team is never that simple, there is much more to take into account when building and maintaining a workforce. 

Staff Retention

The problem with not treating staff well is that they are likely to leave. People spend a lot of time at work. If a significant portion of their life is going to be spent working, most people would rather that was for an organization that treats them with respect. Employees that feel valued are less likely to be searching for a new job.

Hiring staff is not always easy, and it can be a struggle to find the perfect candidate. Therefore, it makes sense to keep hold of the staff that you already have, by treating them well and making them want to stay with you for the long run. Recruiting and training staff is an expensive and time-consuming process, so treating your existing team well is always a good idea.


Research shows that happy staff are more productive, which in turn means that you are getting more from your employees. Conversely, unhappy staff won’t feel incentivized to work hard, and will often feel resentful of the time they spend at work. 

Many ingredients of a happy workspace, naturally lend themselves to boosting productivity. Giving your employees DSE training online will help them to achieve a work station which is comfortable to work at. This will enable your employees to focus more on their tasks.

Encouraging staff to take their lunch breaks, is another way to give productivity a boost, while at the same time promoting your employee’s happiness and wellbeing. If you can, create a separate space for staff members to relax in during their break times, and if possible, creating some outside space for breaks can be beneficial too. After taking a break, team members can come back feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to tackle the work that lies ahead.

Wellbeing and Productivity

Valuing the happiness and wellbeing of your team creates far-reaching benefits and sets off a domino effect, which can show up on your bottom line. Increased productivity, efficiency and employee retention are not the only benefits of treating your staff well. 

A happy workplace where wellbeing is taken into account could also equate to fewer hours lost to staff sickness. 

Being regarded as a great place to work, and a company that values its employees offers a massive boost to your business’ reputation. Being highly-regarded is more likely to make other companies want to work with you and use your services. It will also make it easier for you to attract the best candidates to your job vacancies.

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