Mobile Tools For Your Marketing Campaign

To ignore the rise of mobile internet use in the current day would be extremely naïve. Mobile internet is truly taking over. More and more people are utilising their smartphone as their primary source of internet access and it is predicted that in the future it will actually take over the desktop. If you don’t capitalise on this sooner rather than later then you really are going to be harming your overall online marketing campaign. 

Nevertheless, online marketing experts like StoryBrand will tell you that it is not only about tweaking your strategy in order to target mobile users. In fact, this rise in smartphone use can actually help you to drive other parts of your online advertising campaign. You can use the wealth of tools and apps popping up to your advantage, especially when it comes to social media marketing.

There are a wealth of mobile tools available which have the purpose of monitoring your social media campaigns. These are extremely beneficial. At the end of the day, how are you supposed to ever move forward and improve if you have no idea regarding how your social media strategy is performing at present? Here are some examples of the tools available…

•    Trackur – This presents businesses with practically any statistics or analytics they could require. You also benefit from user feedback too. There are many social media networks included so you should be covered on all fronts.
•    Sprout Social – This app gives you the capacity to find potential customers with ease. This is an extremely targeted tool. It gives you all of the information needed in order to find the right audience via social networking websites – thus give you a better chance of maximising your conversion rate. 
•    Viralheat – This covers data from all of the popular social websites. Thus, everything from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube is included. One of the best tools is the use of advanced algorithm in order to determine whether potential consumers would actually be interesting in purchasing your products / services or subscribing to your business. 

Nevertheless, the tools at your disposal do not only relate to tracking how your social media campaign is doing, they help you to enhance it as well. Take Google Currents for example. This helps those who are running out of ideas for fresh content. Everyone knows just how crucial new and engaging content is in the current day and age. This is not just for content marketing either, you need it for your social media campaign because you want to encourage individuals to share the content via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

In addition to this, if you have a large number of social media accounts then there are apps to help you manage this. You can control all of your accounts via the one application rather than having to deal with them separately. This makes it a lot easier for you and allows you to run your marketing campaign a lot more efficiently.

The rise of mobile internet is something you can use to your advantage in many different ways. And, as you can see from this article; social media marketing is definitely one of these.

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