The Smart and Not-so Smart Investment

ABBA sang about it. The Notorious BIG complained about it. Donna Summer told people how much effort went into making it: money. It makes the world go around, and the previously mentioned artists respectively said “Money, Money, Money,” “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “She Works Hard For The Money.” We all seem a little bit obsessed with it. If you don’t have it, you’re trying to get it, and if you do have it … well, what then? Here are some ideas about what to do if you have plenty, ranging from the sensible to the absurd.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The sensible thing is to invest. Money makes money. This means putting your money away in objects that are guaranteed to increase in value, such as gold and real-estate for most. If you are more of a gambler, you might want to play the stock market for a bit. Or if you still want to be actively involved in your investment, and would like to share your business acumen, become an angel investor. You never know, you might be an early investor in the next Facebook.

Safe Bet

If you want to play it safe and go for real-estate, look out for new developments in highly sought after areas, like the Normanton Park developer is taking on. Even if you don’t want to use your money as investment only, a luxury condo could also be a consumption investment, making sure you make the most of it as well.

Wild Investments

Another investment could be art and artifacts. If you follow the Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions from time to time, you will know that art can be extremely lucrative. Being able to buy a world-famous artwork will undoubtedly give you bragging rights. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, try artifacts, or even fossils. Nothing says rich more than having a complete tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in the reading room.

If a dinosaur is a bit too much, you might want to consider the classic rich people routes. Think a massive car collection including classics (and throw in a bat-mobile), or private jets and massive yachts. You worked hard for your money, you might as well indulge yourself and get all those things you dreamed about.

And if cars, planes, and yachts are a bit too typical for you, do what the ultra-rich do, buy an island. You will be following in the footsteps of the likes of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, Sir Richard Branson, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The tricky part is that the island usually do require planes and boats to get to, so you might not escape having to buy one of those. Throw in a waterjet to boot.

Is all too common for you, why not go for the off-worldly experience? Tickets to outer space are within reach (for those with deep pockets). Aforementioned Sir Richard Branson is aiming to launch Virgin Galactic spacecraft that will take its passengers on trips into space. With any luck (and if the likes such as Elon Musk get their way) you can top that again by going to Mars. Hopefully, they’ll sell two-way tickets.

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