Moving Mayhem: Don’t Let The Spiralling Costs Take Control

Moving house is always going to be an exciting prospect. Many of us will get to the stage of selling one house and moving into another at some point. It means that we need something bigger because of future plans or goals, maybe a new job has dictated a relocation, or generally you just want a new chapter in your life. However, moving house is also quite stressful and the cost of it tends to be the main factor. Here are some of the costs that you may not have considered. Hopefully highlighting them will make the overall process a little less of a worry.

The cost of moving from one place to the next

Would you believe that many people don't budget properly for the actual cost of moving. They, of course, take into account things such as mortgages and perhaps the legal side of things. More on that in the next point. But the actual moving costs don’t get tallied up as much as they should. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to moving. For starters, you have the cost of moving when it comes to a van and the packing essentials that you may need. There are various cost options to consider, which is why people don’t really know the true cost until the eleventh hour. You could have a removal company take care of everything, from packing up your house to the moving element and unloading. You could just hire a van and do it all yourself, enlisting the help of friends and family for the heavy lifting. The next thing to consider would be the move elements in terms of cost when you are in such as the takeaway on the first night or the big food shop. Listing it all down could help you gain more control.

The legal side of things

Many of us are aware that we need to consider the legal side of things in order to move house. The solicitors will handle things like the deeds, the mortgage and transfer of funds and all other aspects like surveys. So it is vital that you get a solicitors that is local to you or indeed is a professional in these matters. It might be worth looking around and getting quotes as some solicitor firms will cost more than others. This will help you to get a firm handle on your budget.

Hidden fees

Finally, while you may be aware of the big costs that are involved such as the sale price, the deposit and your mortgage, what about hidden fees? For some people, you may be already tied into a mortgage deal that offered a fixed rate for a certain period of time. It is worth ensuring that you check your fine print to make sure there are no fees to settle the mortgage early. There could be a percentage cost due which could make the whole thing more expensive or take less out of your profit and deposit for the new place you have your eye on.

Let’s hope highlighting some of these hidden costs will help you budget better for a house move in the future.

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