3 Simple Ways To Give Your Real Estate Investment Some Much Needed Curb Appeal

If you have recently purchased a fixer upper as part of a portfolio of side hustles, the chances are that you need to complete some renovation work to get it up to scratch. The point of purchasing a home that needs a scheme of works is to try and outperform the market. The world of bricks and mortar is often seen as a sure fire money making investment, but you still need to purchase at the right price and spend wisely, so that you don’t go above any ceiling price.

One key aspect that many people seem to forget about when doing up a humble abode is the facade. If you are looking to sell your little patch of real estate on quickly, it needs to look the part from the outside. Take a look at how you can enhance the curb appeal of your property in three simple ways to ensure that your potential buyers are well and truly seduced.

Look Up

If you take a look at any house, one of the first parts of a home you consider is the roof. Buyers will be checking for holes, slipped slate or bowing. If the roof of your fixer upper pad has seen better days, you might not be keen to splash out a small fortune to replace it entirely. Instead, check the flashing and utilize some white flashing tape to seal and then re-felt. This looks smart and crisp from the curb. If any tiles or slate have slipped, whip up some new tiles immediately. Wet days can result in leaky roofs and damp patches which will lead to more work to complete and more money to spend. When a roof is complete and structurally sound, the buyer gets the impression that the home is well maintained and looked after. Those potential purchasers who think with their head rather than their heart will need to see an intact roof if they are to consider putting in an offer.


Most driveways are seen as a means to an end. After all, it’s just somewhere to park your car, isn’t it? In a way it is, but it’s also the entrance to your pad. You want the walk up the driveway to be pleasant rather than having to dodge weeds and take care over cracked paving. Make sure you de-weed the driveway, mow the lawn if you have one, and put some colorful flowers along the borders. By creating a more pleasant ambience, you are increasing the property’s curb appeal. A buyer will make a judgement on a viewing within the first seven seconds, so make sure you do everything you can to make this judgement a positive one.

Windows And Doors

Venturing up a pristine driveway is fantastic. However, when your potential buyers reach the door, they don’t want to be confronted with chipped paint, a dodgy looking lock and a missing letterbox. Spend some money and replace the front door if needed. Composite doors are exceptional quality and give outstanding security. They utilise the best locks and can be made to look traditional or ultra modern. Check out the windows of your fixer upper too. If they have cracked fascias or the glazing is looking tired, get it replaced. These are costly jobs that will be flagged on any survey, so you are better rectifying them now to maximise your sales price.

Fixer uppers are fun side hustle projects. However, you must follow this guide to enhance their curb appeal and increase your chances of a speedy sale.

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