Four Simple Ways To Keep Your Career Moving Forward

Unless you have fallen into the right career, you won’t be thinking of how far you can take it. Finding a job when you have a family at home is pretty much one of the hardest things that you could do, because you have to find that balance between the family life and the job you want to do. So, it’s easy to fall into ‘nothing’ jobs that pay the bills but not much else. The key is to pursue the career that you desperately want, and steer it forward so that you are going beyond anything you ever imagined - total success.

The snag here is that moving your career forward - once you find the right one, that is - is never easy. You could be working in a job that you have no intention of progressing in because it’s not in the right field, doesn’t have the right salary and doesn’t have the right hours that make sense for your family. The thing is, leaving one job without another lead is not a good idea. So, how DO you move your career forward without leaving yourself short on money and a job to go to?
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Night School. It’s not always about finding a new job when you’re in the wrong career. Sometimes, you need to go back to school and learn something new for a while, and you can do this while you’re working. An evening online MSN program could make such a difference to your own career future that you could find yourself progressing at home before you progress in the workplace. Never be afraid to revisit education; it could be the key to your future.
Think Positive. You won’t believe this, but positive thinking is a powerful thing. When you tell yourself that you’re not going to get anywhere, you’re blocking yourself from getting anywhere. The best thing that you can do is remind yourself that you are confident, successful and educated enough to go higher.
Think Ahead. By knowing the news in your industry, you could prevent yourself from being knocked to one side by redundancy. Watching the trends and the changes in those trends is so important for knowing how your industry is moving. When you know this, you can anticipate whether you will even have a job to stick with.
Resume Ready. Having a resume written and ready at all times is not just smart, it’s essential. You need to have a resume always ready to be able to send in to companies who are advertising the role that you so desperately want. Progress should never be prohibited, so be smart about where you send your resume.

Getting your career right doesn’t just help your family, it helps you both professionally and personally. It feels good to be a success, so why wouldn’t you do anything you could to get there?

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