5 Genius Ways To Stun Guests At Your Next Event

Whether you’re putting together a killer celebration for the team or need to raise some buzz for a new launch, the pressure’s on to produce something special. Boring meets with average thrills are old school. Going the extra mile to create something special can be the difference between a dead zone and a spectacular event that archives incredible impact.

In this post, we’re pointing out 5 stunning ideas that’ll transform your event from just plain normal to an awesome occasion worth remembering. Take inspiration from some of these unique ideas to add some punch to your next event.

Here we go!

1. Light-Speed presentations

Ever sat through a long and painfully detailed presentation that made you fall asleep. Of course you have! If you need to tell your audience something, do yourself a favour and minx things up. In 2003, a couple of Tokyo based creatives came up with a style of presentation called PechaKucha.

The idea behind PechaKucha is for the host to speak while a coordinated set of automatically-advancing images continues to depict the story in unison with the narration. This design specifies that you use twenty images that are each shown for exactly 20 seconds each. The specifics may not be all that important, but the concept certainly delivers some captivating wow-factor.

It’s ideal for “elevator pitches”, keeps your crowd entertained as well as interested, and due to the speed, a wide range of ideas can be expressed rapidly. There are other presentations that follow a similar concept. Ignite Talks involves giving speakers five minutes to talk on a subject before flicking through 20 or so visually impactful slides. People like their messages fast and snappy now, give them what they want!

2. Video booths

Everyone's heard of a simple photo booth, they’re practically old news now. Take things to the next level by staging a far more immersive video booth! Whether you want your event to be all about the buzz or you’re appealing to a more serious occasion, give your guests a chance to express themselves through recorded clips. At the end of the event, you’ll have a collection of video content filled with passion, opinions or a wealth of expertise on the subject of your event.

This concept can help you collect qualitative data for your products or proposals and can be recycled as great content for future posts or projects.

3. Inflatable advertising

Inflatable advertising is a powerful way to generate a spark in the lead up to your event as well as add some much needed character on the day! Place custom inflatables at your venue or within sight of your audience to drum up interest in a way that can't be ignored. It’s captivating, wildly versatile, and doesn't cost the earth. Running a tight budget? Inflatables give you huge boom for your buck and the design parameters are wildly flexible. You can have yours made to a specific size, shape, and style to suit your budget perfectly.

4. Book a killer host

The host can make or break your event. They’re the people that’ll need to entertain, intrigue, and delight your guests so that your event enjoys the right atmosphere throughout. Don't make the mistake of placing an inexperienced person at the helm of the ship. You need someone that’s done it before and has the evidence (ideally in video) to show you that they’re the perfect face and voice for your event.

This is an aspect worth investing a lot of time and research into. An event without a solid host will lack leadership and can easily fall into the dreaded realms of unprofessional. A fantastic host will be able to read the audience and react to manage the event correspondingly. Live events are becoming very important as more and more people depend on increasing levels of digital interaction day-to-day. People now value face-to-face contact, so your motivational speaker needs to ooze motivational vibes and stage quality if you want your event to shine.

5. Get a Mixologist

Featuring a bar to serve drinks at any point in your event? Liven things up by hiring an experienced Mixologist that knows how to deliver a spectacular array of inventive cocktails. Mixologists design beverages that perform captivating stunts. The concept is entertaining for all age groups and personas, takes your event up a notch, and definitely goes a long way in making the occasion unforgettable.

Those are our favourite 5 ideas right now! These are some of the best ways you can add some real presence to your events. The hardest part of any gathering is getting people to show up and take notice. Combine some of these lively ideas to stun your guest and achieve some serious impact.

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